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Saturday, January 23, 2010

[RPG][Milieu] The Best of All Possible Worlds (of Magic)-

This is a primer regarding the in-setting explanation of the hows and whys of magic in the milieu, and allows for Daily-Slot, Spell Point, and true Spontaneous Casting (of the Ars Magica/Lords of Fantasy sort) to all exist (among countless other variants and other methods) simultaneously on Urutsk.


Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Thank you very much,


  1. It's good to have some sort of rationalization whether vague or detailed. Even if it's the refutation of rationalization "Works that way cause it's magic."

    I'm not sure if it's good to reveal this to characters (or players) esp not without lots of ingame exploration / investigating.

    Firm believer that magic should be mysterious and mystical. That's not possible if the rules are laid out and known.

  2. Thanks for your input.

    Is that true of your reading of AD&D magic, as well?
    --Much of its functioning was spelled out both in the various Schools, and much more specifically in the original Manual of the Planes.

    Magic(k) in Urutsk, ostensibly a SciFi setting, is based upon the reality of what was done by the Emperor (spacecraft and Dyson sphere and telerelocation of armies to fight monstrous hordes) which is accepted as either fact or fancified legend by all but the most ignorant of Urutsken (natives of as opposed to /an as in 'dwellers').

    UWoM is a SciFantasy game in that the tone of most lower-'level' games duplicate fantasy cliches, but only due to the lower tech and the fact that without those lasers and hovercraft, worlds quickly drop to their lowest denominator: nation-states, warlords, melee-weapon-equipped armies, and high mortality rates across the board.
    --If I have failed to make this evident by this point (late in the game, as it were), I apologise.

    That all said, I will take your post under consideration.

    Thanks again.

  3. There's mystery there, Norman.:)

    I think your model is groovy, Timeshadows. I'd like a little more info on the Great Works. Also, assuming your model allows for deeper levels of awareness within the psyche, how do they tie-in?

  4. I clicked on "cool", "helpful" AND "interesting" above, because I deemed this post to be all three. This seems to be very similar in spirit and execution to something I have been working on for a few years (that I call TruE magic, with the E standing for Energy).

    I very much like your writing voice, and look forward to seeing more about the nuts and bolts of how Magick can be spontaneously cast in Irutsk.

  5. @James: Thank you.
    --Actually, you have found a link in what you have said. I will have to write more on the Emperor's Ascent and the founding of the Sphere of Stars (or Suns), and the period of his psychic wandering throughout the Empyrean, prior to the fall of the Golden Age at the Starshock.

    @Carl: Thank you.
    --Will we see some of your TruE on one of your blogs soon?
    ---I appreciate your saying so regarding my writing. It is easy to operate in a sense of vacuum, not knowing whether such things are improving or declining. Thanks.
    ----As soon as I feel I have the kinks worked out in the Spontaneous Magic system, I will post it. :)

  6. Clever explanation and cool concepts, I really admire the way you're working the relationship between setting and system.

  7. Downloaded and read.
    Very well done!
    A seamless way of melding magic into the world.

  8. @Sean: Thank you very much. What a great compliment. :D

    @bat: Thank you. :D I was hoping it would be well received.