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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

IMAGINATIVE third microgame in the FALCONSCRY and BLADESLINGER series

IMAGINATIVE is the story of the Eastern Ogres struggle.

I can see both closing out the microgames, or equally, opening up even more of them.

Do you enjoy these modular microgames?  Want more?

With these three, rather a lot can be played out, and what has been left out of the rules opens more up to each group's interpretation, which I think is  a benefit rather than a liability.

My solution for a character sheet has been to fold into quarters a sheet of paper, and write a name for each character, their Abilities, and three pieces of equipment, including their respective weapon.

The fourth quarter panel is tempting me to fill it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

BLADESLINGER game two of the FALCONSCRY series of microgames

So, you looked at FALCONSCRY and said, 'That is a premise, but it ain't no game.'


For those who wanted more of the system and story, here is the Southern Warlords angle, and not what you may have thought.


I'll post the Eastern Ogres version of the game Tuesday.

FALCONSCRY a microgame of the Yirinn versus the Imperial Vrun (and Yaesh Ogres)

After David Schirduan issued an RPG in 200 words challenge, I hopped in with Falconscry.

The link is to the right, or via this contest page.

I have two other microgames in this series planned covering the Imperial Vrun, and the Yaesh Ogres.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Session of Space Age Urutsk Using Encounter Critical UWoM

We have:

* Yirinn Diplomat/Officer
* Western Isles Vrun Astrogator/Warlock
* Yaesh Athletics & Recreation Instructor/Doctor
* Vrun Fighter Pilot/Survival Instructor
* Khem Psilock (Psi Witch)/Scout Services

The mission is border patrol of a hostile species sphere, complicated by a second species they share the space with, and orders to attempt diplomatic relations.  The draw is advanced technology of the primary species, who happen to be aquatic.

First scene is the Fighter Pilot operating a combat shuttle with advanced electronic package.  The Scout accompanied, as did an NPC Communications, Data, and Sensors officer, and a tail-gunner Ship's Weapons.  Quick pass over a gas giant's moon captures data of a subsurface hangar and a sensor station.  Also noted a floating island in the upper layers of the gas giant's atmosphere, but they didn't investigate because fighters scrambled from the moon.  Cool flying resulted in safe return, no shots fired in anger, and a nice hangar bay landing with five percent more than needed.

Diplomatic mission resulted from the Astrogator/Warlock having contacted the guardian of the gas giant who showed interest in them.  The ammonia atmosphere cleared over the skyland and the party shuttled over and were welcomed despite the fighter pilots' displeasure.  The 'Arkay' are the Rer Koop, who have very sensitive olfactory organs like coral clusters protruding from their skulls; some exhibit glider membranes.  The voice of 'Snowcloud', the gas giant guardian entity, gifted the pilot with a creature like a cross between a scorpion and a dragonfly in amber for her fancy flying.

Not much else before the store closed.

This is not your daddy's Encounter Critical.

Monday, March 16, 2015

My Weekly Games

Thursday: The spaceport was reached and the PCs made legitimate members of civilisation with credit cards (or a chip in one case), and employment with the Free Scouts found.  The Warlock was interviewed by the Esoteric Order of Starry Wisdom (Astrogator's guild), and rated at 13.3 -- high for a beginner.  The Eldritch Knight, originally a lumberjill, was directed to the Scout Services -- not part of the Guild system -- where she was given a choice of libations; the watery looking milk in the wooden bowl did the trick and she went on a brief spirit journey, pinning the tail on the map location she would travel to and vidcord to assess the accuracy of her vision.  Some vomit was involved.

Friday: A war scenario with Abbekqorru as the foils to the Vrun, and the mercenaries fighting against, then siding with the Humanoids.  Trenches.  27 Str Armoured bear humanoids with metal claw gauntlets, etc.  The half-Orc berserk Barbarian killed the bear champion and became the group's leader, finding himself a vassal of the larger Abbekqorru force.  The orbital troop carrier the humanoids possess will continue to give them the advantage the at which Vrun would throw everything they could to gain.  The same group had made pacts with Warlock plants granting them advantages on their Archetype paths.  The green dragon bloodline Tiefling sorcerer made the beast with two backs with a night hag in exchange for knowledge of where his one eyed giant owl quest was located, and he gained a one-use magic item that would refresh his highest spell slot.  Other fun was had.

Saturday: On the starshipWarden, the crew fought about thirty tribesmen, suffering only the loss of one porter (though, I think I forgot one Round of melee for the nasties) before the savages were put down.  That took a while to run, but the session was primarily made up of chargen for two players who joined us -- one may be recurring.

Sunday: Conjunction of planets in the Av system creating dimensional weakness and the crossing over of Visitors from other planes.  A brief visit to The Machine and back to Urutsk.  Gryphon humanoids arrived and asked for help returning to their world.  A meteoroid penetrated the surface of a rocky outcropping near a lake.  The blue-green crystalline lifeform wanted to, 'Consume!'

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Urutsk Extreme Orbit and 1,750 year Seasons

Not saying the science here is the action at work in the setting, but, it may help someone get a feel for the Grand Year.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Sunday March 1st 2015

Starship Security remain at their post, depleting all Imperial medical goods.  The cryotubes are giving them organ failure.  They cyborg themselves until they are virtually liches.  Nearly 2,000 years.  Their brains rot away, so they use hard drives to record everything.  They finally meet other Security Personnel, and ask to be relieved.  They eject their hard drives and 'die'.  The personalities in the drives ask to be reincarnated by the Aelbaan Ice Mage.  Two come back as Vrun (yay for them).  One comes back Dokirin, asks for a retry.  Comes back as a Yirinn-Yaesh; asks to come back.  Comes back full blooded Aelbaan.  Happy enough to be one of the Allied People.  The fourth officer comes back as a Halbean (Western Isles Vrun) and is happy, too.

Other things happened, too.