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Monday, September 28, 2015

Dreaming in Real Life

A beautiful video of dreamers living the dream in a gorgeous environment.

Ishtar X Tussilago from Maceo Frost on Vimeo.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Beyond the Galaxy's Edge

The crew of the newly adopted Humanosphere starship, Swift Arrow, under the command of Commissar Lady Vhyks Sri (Imperial High Born and over 200 years old), have been tasked with investigating this super system beyond the edge of the galaxy.

Pushed together by the Starshock, this collection of Super Giant stars and their individual planetary systems have been reconfigured, losing a lot of mass in the process.  The surviving planets and moons now operate in a sort of stellar rosette.  The ring around the central star are moons of the gas giants which were stripped off with each of the early, catastrophic orbits.

SR10 is a crystalline rocky super planet locked with its magnetic north pole facing the star.  Along the equator, archipelago are rocked by a one-two-punch of extreme volcanism and perpetual hurricanes.  The planet is roughly 15x the size of Earth, but only 25% the expected mass, with collapse and tidal forces leading to core ignition and the extreme band of volcanoes.  The 10 designation is the number of moons.

The innermost moon is earth-sized, livable, and inhabited by a variety of Avianoids.  The observed culture is roughly Late Renaissance to Early Enlightenment, with powerful telescopes, and helioscope arrays with which they spotted the shuttle and painted it with reflected sunlight to better observe it (and possibly signal it as well).  Long story short, no face to face interaction, but the language barrier has been overcome, and communication through player-piano-type devices and phonographs have allowed the inhabitants to express their eagerness to meet the strangers.  They even demonstrated their heliocentric understanding with an elaborate clockwork orrery sent aloft in a tethered hot-air balloon.

At an impasse, the shuttle crew returned to the Arrow, but were hailed by another species, this time, reptilians.  LSS: The advanced aliens are overseers of the intelligent but pre-space species here, and ask for the ship to proceed slowly with their interactions so as to avoid culture shock (etc.)  The oddity here is that one of the reptilian types, a winged quadruped, possesses the entire Human genome in its makeup.

The plot thicks!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hotz Space Battle Map, Starship Design, and Exploring the Periphery

I hope to have a few ships designed for an upcoming week's Sunday game using minis and the Starship Combat rules on the beautiful 6' by 3' Hotz hex map.

The PCs had their Arkay ship completely retrofitted and now we need a space based enemy force to challenge them in their new assignment of stellar cartography.  This session had them meet another far flung survivor colony, escapees from the Starshock, who had lived in isolation for over 5k years.  This society had not collapsed as much, technologically, but their oppressive society was no model for emulation.  The majority of the survivors were Hierophantic Church folk, and the balance were Psionic College personnel.  The global society had been kept in line through subliminal propaganda and other psychotronic warfare, and this lasted nearly 3.5k years until the secret had been revealed, and the faction wars erupted.  Knowing the psychotronics are in use is not much defence against them in their most aggressive form, but the factions are able to operate in a sort of faltering fashion to cause enough grief to the governing body.  The PCs walked in on this situation and quickly found out they were siding with the oppressors (although the factions weren't much better), and left to continue their cartography mission.

Their destination is a cluster of supergiant and giant stars which ad existed deeper in the former galaxy, but had been displaced to the periphery by the Starshock.  Their planetary systems were of extreme interest to the Humanosphere, and the mission takes the PCs away from the Dark Core which had lured their former captain to the brink of Court Marshal.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

One Thousand 03 to 18 Attribute Scores Table

In the process of writing the Encounter Critical edition of the Urutsk: World of Mystery game setting book and rules mod, I thought to create an aid to generating characters that would have almost universal applicability.

This link takes you to a Google Docs file with the table which has 100 entries indexed with 10 columns, providing 1,000 Attribute Scores for use in any 03-18 system.

I used to generate a string of 10 numbers generated on 1d8+1d6+1d4, which is what I am using for the EC book, sample PCs, and any NPC scores.  There are more 10's here than any other number I searched for, roughly 11% of all rolls.

I hope that you find this useful.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Super Giant Stars in a Singularity Network

The Astrogator / Warlock got a Super Giant star (being exploited by a species of synthetic starfish creatures to lens a wormhole (one of many such wormholes)) angry over its exploitation, and as its lashed out with a massive solar eruption, the plasma filament was instead sucked into the singularity, emerging not only in the other wormhole apertures, but at the source.  this was irreparable, sucking the star apart and into chunks throughout the network of wormholes.  Many ships, both invading, as well as friendly were lost.  The fleet having been recalled from Arkay space were transported through the singularity to the elemental plane of Water where the stellar fragments promptly began to explode in novae.  Moving through the superdense medium was accomplished on the fly by tuning the shields to agitate the water into a bubbly steam and allow faster travel.  Ships were lost, but he larger ones were able to escape and find a harbour of sorts in large floating coral reefs while repairs were made.

Alien, synthetic starfish were thought allied with the Dsato via their mutual master of a Cthulhoid creature akin to Pyray, The Whisperer in the Abyss.

The surviving fleet, again through the actions of the Astrogator / Warlock was able to reenter normal space.  This is where last week's game ended in the main action.

The Scout / Psylock (Psi Witch) had to end the Astrogator's service int eh Humanosphere to save her being Court Martial'd, and had her join the independent Scout Service to save her life.  Her initiation into the scouts was upon the planet Emerald Heights, down in the swamps, and consisted of the player being encouraged through the process by me and the Scout player.  The PC confronted an undead Psi-Witch Warlock and killed her by dropping the undead into a Warlock Pit of Positive energy.  The blast KO'd the PC, but she awoke with maximised HP for her level.  The Scout / Psilock's Blindfighting duel will have to wait, as the player is expected out due to Fathers' Day.

Bio-enhancements were tried by the unsung Technical crew PCs who did all of the unglamourous work that saved the fleet, and one PC was less than thrilled with his pick of four Power / Mutation rolls, ending up (I think) with Doorways, kind of like 5e Banishment spell or Gamma World's Planar Travel mutation.

We'll see how this week's session goes.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Necropolis Comic

Through a Google+ post in my stream, I discovered Necropolis Comic.
I fell in love with it, and I just had to bring it to you.
It is a Tumblr thing, but I have posted it at the bottom of this very blog.
Do yourself a favour and ogle it.
It reminds me of Wolfe's Urth of the New Sun = High Praise.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4 2015 Update

The Thursday group are talking about becoming land holders and the bigger game.  They are returning from the crashed ship with cryonic gear and a medical officer who they think is an android.  Slunk the formerly-Elf Warlock has mutated a bit, helped Merope to convert from Frostism (Lady Arctise) to Siltism (Lord Worm).

My Weekend crew keep going with a D&D 5e game and the Encounter Critical UWoM game I am writing.  The writing is going along nicely.  I'm working on vehicles right now.  It'll have OS conversion built in, and a much faster CharGen than EC does, even with more stuff added.

I'd like to go into more detail about ECUWoM, but I don't want to jinx or overshare: show, don't tell.

I have plans to release material for Goblinoid Games Starships & Spacemen 2e, and also use GORE for another version.