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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

(Very) Random Encounters in Context

Based on this discussion: LINK to Tenkar's Tavern

I don't prep.  I roll encounter dice and read 3s as evidence of activity if someone is tracking, 2s as obvious recent activity or tracks (what have you), and 1s as encounter events.

Next, I grab my Koplow dice, now dubbed Quisitor dice, comprised of a Greater Than/Less Than die and a Likelihood die, roll them together and determine if something actually happens.

After I know something happens, I roll two colour dice (red through violet) and use that to stimulate my imagination/understanding of the situation, taking terrain, time of day, season, etc. into account.

If the Quisitors give me a high likelihood of an event, and the colour dice suggest it is hostile, I then roll critter dice (again, Koplow), to impromptu create a type of thing to be encountered, doing away with the need for monster lists.

Then to determine strength of encounter, I roll a d20 or something that makes sense for circumstances, then in the ten seconds or so this process took, I ask the players to roll perception or initiative, etc. to then describe the results.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Urutsk Space Age hack of Encounter Critical

Sunday Evening Game-

The crew of the HSS Arden formally sides with the first group of Arkay against the Dsato who refuse to acknowledge their existence and have incurred 40% of their sphere. Some portion of the Dsato (sided with a cantankerous group of [more] belligerent Arkay) fire a missile at the HSS Arden. The Arden's captain tells the PCs to 'F' them up.' The PCs proceed to do so, and using my mass combat rules, they take over the Dsato ship crewed by 80 with a force of 15. Taking control of the bridge and shutting off life support helped that. The Humanosphere now have a Dsato ship and have agreed with the Dsato, that this means war. The majority of Arkay have aligned/allied with the Humanosphere.

The percentage Ability Score bonuses I have in the playtest document are too high, and it was good to confirm that in play. I'm working on that and speeding up chargen a lot through easy techniques.

Other good stuff going on in the development.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Great Images for the Microgame Trilogy

Remote Mongolian Tribe of Eagle, Reindeer, and Wolf trainers

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

IMAGINATIVE third microgame in the FALCONSCRY and BLADESLINGER series

IMAGINATIVE is the story of the Eastern Ogres struggle.

I can see both closing out the microgames, or equally, opening up even more of them.

Do you enjoy these modular microgames?  Want more?

With these three, rather a lot can be played out, and what has been left out of the rules opens more up to each group's interpretation, which I think is  a benefit rather than a liability.

My solution for a character sheet has been to fold into quarters a sheet of paper, and write a name for each character, their Abilities, and three pieces of equipment, including their respective weapon.

The fourth quarter panel is tempting me to fill it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

BLADESLINGER game two of the FALCONSCRY series of microgames

So, you looked at FALCONSCRY and said, 'That is a premise, but it ain't no game.'


For those who wanted more of the system and story, here is the Southern Warlords angle, and not what you may have thought.


I'll post the Eastern Ogres version of the game Tuesday.

FALCONSCRY a microgame of the Yirinn versus the Imperial Vrun (and Yaesh Ogres)

After David Schirduan issued an RPG in 200 words challenge, I hopped in with Falconscry.

The link is to the right, or via this contest page.

I have two other microgames in this series planned covering the Imperial Vrun, and the Yaesh Ogres.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Session of Space Age Urutsk Using Encounter Critical UWoM

We have:

* Yirinn Diplomat/Officer
* Western Isles Vrun Astrogator/Warlock
* Yaesh Athletics & Recreation Instructor/Doctor
* Vrun Fighter Pilot/Survival Instructor
* Khem Psilock (Psi Witch)/Scout Services

The mission is border patrol of a hostile species sphere, complicated by a second species they share the space with, and orders to attempt diplomatic relations.  The draw is advanced technology of the primary species, who happen to be aquatic.

First scene is the Fighter Pilot operating a combat shuttle with advanced electronic package.  The Scout accompanied, as did an NPC Communications, Data, and Sensors officer, and a tail-gunner Ship's Weapons.  Quick pass over a gas giant's moon captures data of a subsurface hangar and a sensor station.  Also noted a floating island in the upper layers of the gas giant's atmosphere, but they didn't investigate because fighters scrambled from the moon.  Cool flying resulted in safe return, no shots fired in anger, and a nice hangar bay landing with five percent more than needed.

Diplomatic mission resulted from the Astrogator/Warlock having contacted the guardian of the gas giant who showed interest in them.  The ammonia atmosphere cleared over the skyland and the party shuttled over and were welcomed despite the fighter pilots' displeasure.  The 'Arkay' are the Rer Koop, who have very sensitive olfactory organs like coral clusters protruding from their skulls; some exhibit glider membranes.  The voice of 'Snowcloud', the gas giant guardian entity, gifted the pilot with a creature like a cross between a scorpion and a dragonfly in amber for her fancy flying.

Not much else before the store closed.

This is not your daddy's Encounter Critical.