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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mutants of Marnharnna Pt. 17-

As I am busily writing and mapping for the Black Blade Publishing adventure I am co-writing with Rob Kuntz, I'll have to make this briefer than usual.

The Primary Characters are realising that their past has caught up with them in many ways: Lord Worm has challenged Tyb to a personal battle to restore his tarnished honour at Tyb's re-absconding his Vae daughters from the Black Citadel. Ashta's refusal to undergo full gene-thereapy to fully awaken her Aelbaan ancestry, as well as her continued operation of the Pearl (escape pod) has antagonised them further. Delver Denab, having managed to escape the miles-long Aelbaan ship in orbit (and in the high Aether) with a half-feral human raised on the ship, barely survived a drone fighter attack and landed on Baroness Averdyn's estate, whereupon the drone dis-integrated and tele-relocated the escape pod the two came down in.
--Meanwhile, travelling at Mach 2.75 across the Storm Ocean towards the Western Isles to fetch Delver, Ashta and Darius drew the concern of the WICE long-range defence network which fired upon them and alerted the Home-Isles of the rapidly encroaching threat. This resulted in Pearl shattering a Glass barrier erected as a safeguard, as well as the deployment of Jump Troopers throughout the metro Yovend area in an attempt to slow the attackers pending the 'heavy gear' being brought to bear.


  1. Well, isn't that a slice! The 'Storm Ocean'? Syn. w/ Atlantic? What's the The The "Tranquil Torrent" would then be the Pacific? ;)

  2. It is known by many names, but one is Noav, 'The sun's watery abode', for it both rises from, and sets into the vast blue depending upon PoV.

  3. Hmm, I wrote The, The The three times! Maybe it was a spell (probably mind-stuck).

    Noav. Sounds like a mix of Islander and American Indian. Depending on view--that is, which canoe or out-rigger you're in? ;)

    I likey Noav, it's peaceful... :)

  4. Well, well, well, perhaps t'were a spell.

    --I'll take a nice mix of Pacific Ocean First Peoples culture mixed with Polynesian as a seafaring group! :D

  5. The Banter of the Ranter: Speaking of creating, did you get that Illo I forwarded? I named it (tongue-n-cheek): "Whool's looking at you..."

    Now back to the attack of the "Maori Stone-Demons" upon the submersible, "Narwhale" (and crew), and the enfilading, countercharge by the Surfin' Shaman, all in a day's labor, of course... ;)

  6. Really looking forward to reading the adventure you've written together !

  7. @Rob, yes, I did. Pretty cool. :D Nice job, Andy.

    Sorry for the spotty communication. Between computer issues and planning for my trip to spend New Year's with Christina at Jeff Berry's place in Minneapolis, my response time is increasing each day.
    ---I've been busy, busy, busy. :D

    @Geordie Racer: Thanks.
    --I hope it does a nice job of 'loosening the frame' a bit as regards adventures and conventional 'D&D Fantasy', while still being useful to the Playgroup that purchases it.

  8. Second the motion put forth by Geordie Racer. Looking forward to the new adventure you've been cooking-up.