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Thursday, April 16, 2009

[RPG] Six Sample Hexes-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

This is a sample of the big-hex (3 mi. or larger) detail that makes Wilderlands of High Fantasy-esque micro-detail and imagination-jogging easily possible with just a handful of die rolls per hex. A computer version would likely be a simple thing to produce, provided one knew what one were doing.

1). Scout Lodge-
1-N-: Rough - 100% Concealment + 1d8 Armour
2-NE: Ruins - Water Works, conservation station
3-SE: Wetlands - Stilt Dwelling for 3+ persons, 100% types III-I loot
4-S-: Settlement - Warehouse, occupied, guarded, nothing of use
5-SW: Rough - Nothing
6-NW: Grassland - Nothing

2). Hathon's Trading Post-
1-N-: Wetlands - 18 miles of nothing
2-NE: Rough - Nothing
3-SE: Wetlands - River community of 140 (77 adults); rude disposition
4-S-: Wetlands - Dwelling for 3+ persons, 100% types III-I loot
5-SW: Wetlands - Island dwelling for 2- persons, 30% III-I loot
6-NW: Grassland - Outlying defence post

3). The Witchwoods and the Black House on the Floss-
1-N-: Woods - 40% Concealment
2-NE: Rough - 60% Concealment
3-SE: Ruins - Library (Popular Titles)
4-S-: Grassland - Nothing
5-SW: Settlement - Dwelling 2- persons, recently used, +60% Type III-I loot
6-NW: Ruins - Library (High Literature and Criticism)

4). Ve'ender's Land (No Trespassing!)-
1-N-: Rough - Nothing
2-NE: Grassland - Nothing
3-SE: Grassland - Nothing
4-S-: Wetland - Island Dwelling 2- persons, animals likely, +30% Type III-I loot
5-SW: Ruins - Carriage Lot w. 1d10 vehicles, 30% ea. intact contents; +50% Type IV-I loot
6-NW: Settlement - Outlying defence post and wilderness, +5 to all Encounter rolls

5). The Outskirts-
1-N-: Rough - 70% Concealment
2-NE: Woods - Nothing
3-SE: Wetlands - Creek and Scrub on island, roll on Grassland if they follow
4-S-: Woods - 100% +1d6 Armour, Larder, 33% viable food, 1d6+4 servings, 1d6 miscreants 1 FD, lesser arms
5-SW: Ruins - Larder, 33% viable food, 1d6+4 servings, 1d6 miscreants 1 FD, lesser arms
6-NW: Ruins - Dwelling 3+ persons, +50% Type IV-I loot

6). Groveport on the Pale River-
1-N-: Ruins - Dwelling 2- persons, animals likely, +15% Type IV-I loot
2-NE: Settlement - Warehouse 90% occupied/guarded, 25% something useful
3-SE: Rough - 100% Concealment + 1d10 Armour
4-S-: Settlement - Outlying defence post, +5 all Encounter rolls
5-SW: Wetlands - 11 Miles of everglades: + 3 to all FIP each Hour until clear
6-NW: Wetlands - River Community: 131 Pop. 72 adult, Actively Violent (4) Disposition

The compass directions each indicate (clock-like, again) the face of the hex in question being detailed. Therefore, each feature rolled and noted is aligned within the hex relative to the face indicated by the direction. Using this method allows one to 'change the zoom factor' from perhaps as small a hex-size as 1 mile, to as large as perhaps 10 miles, provided the scope of each location within the hex is kept in mind relative to others. This means most when describing ruins and settlements.

Riverine communities and Ruins have a method for determining population, but the same or any other method can be applied to other Settlements. I simply trust the Referee to rely upon their own wits, having already been supplied two examples.

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