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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random Blurbs-

I am editing the period history overview, and am trying to decide which approach to use (more of):

* Timeline and Gazetteer?
* a more or less linear (parallel at times) 'you are there' read of about 6-8 pages?
--Opinion on either?

I've seen the preliminary cover art by Peter Mullen, and am eager to tell you that I am every bit as impressed with what I have received, as I have seen in his S&W and KNOCKSPELL work. I will keep you informed.

The d20 is such a strange die, and has gained an integral identity with D&D more than any other polyhedral. Don't worry, I'm sticking with it for Ability Tests, Combat, and Critical Tests. It's just so strange.


  1. I'm absolutely wretched at organizing and presenting my setting material in any form I consider coherent, so unfortunately I'm not too helpful. I've been looking at some other published settings' presentation of basic information and haven't yet found any I want to emulate. Harn's base setting material and supplemental encyclopedia-style entries are probably the closest for me.

    I believe for most settings, something like a timeline, overview/history, and then a dictionary-style gazetteer (or encyclopedia entries) is probably ideal, but to do it properly seems like an insane amount of work.

    My setting is kind of a spitball, with stuff added to the structure on an ad hoc basis with little attention to coherence, tonal unity, or history at this early stage, and it's an absolute devil to figure out how to present that effectively.

    I get the impression that your setting is far more coherent and unified in theme, and I'll be watching your efforts with interest. :)

  2. Scott,

    Thanks. :)

    My biggest issue is in fact determining the how of it all, rather than the what and why of it.

    I like the way you are showing us Thool one bit at a time, and I must say that the adventure you posted the teaser of really intrigued me. If I knew that a Thool book were coming out, for any RPG, I would buy it.

  3. My piecemeal presentation thus far is a product of my making things up as I go rather than any design. Things will hopefully have gelled a bit by the time I put out an issue of the free zine.

    For some reason, your blog wasn't on my blogroll. I've corrected that oversight.

  4. Thanks, Scott. :D

    Sign me up for the 'zine-subscription. :)