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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[RPG] Vehicle (Limited OGC)-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

Here is the first of my vehicle designs, and yes, this would be a Volume II vehicle, just to be clear.

Please, let me know what you think about this approach.
Urmenda ('All-Ground Specialised Vehicle')-
Fight Dice: 5+2***
Reliability: +8
Defence/Armour: +0/Speed/1d8-1
AB: +2
# Attacks: Manoeuvres/Crew Attacks
Damage: Varies by Manoeuvre/By Weapon
Move: Low 400' Cruising 800' Top 1100'
Configuration: Driver, 3 Passengers, 250# Cargo
CT: -2
Loot: Types IV-I Personal, 3d6 Traders
XP: 495
The Urmenda is an open-framed, four-tread vehicle designed to ascend and descend nearly vertical (78*) surfaces, utilising a smart-balance/suspension/transmission distributed power system, and a re-configurable cab. This is adjusted for the sort and degree of terrain to be crossed (with 'on-the-fly' auto-adjustments).
Produced from 1076-1112, by multiple government-contracted plants of varying quality, quirks, and mystique. Ones encountered after those dates will be even more of a mix of features, as well as necessitated makeshift repairs and bodged-together one-off parts.
While capable of their one trick, the 'Urml' <'My Urm-'> is not very agile at high speeds, nor reasonably able to achieve them. Their ubiquity and enduring ruggedness has ensured their continued utility and common affection. Even the earliest of the 1076 units provide Environmental Support links for E-Suits, and three 'hardpoints' to which weapons may be mounted (front-right, top, rear-left).

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