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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Work Better at Night-

* I have three more adventure locations to write; edit and expand a few of the thirteen I already have; and must then finish the leaders of those areas. Do you folks know good map artists that don't charge organ and limb prices? Hook me up? :D

* My heavy rotation music of late has been: All 7+ hours of my The Moody Blues collection, especially the old LP concept albums; New Riders of the Purple Sage: Home, Home on the Road; A Decade of Steely Dan; and the occasional Dead Can Dance, and Jethro Tull. I think, however, that I will need to switch musical gears toward my darker and faster stuff, such as Fields of the Nephilim, The Misfits, and Samhain, to get this all finished on time.

* I have changed that problem line in Maesha's story, crazyred. I hope it works now. :)


  1. You can never go wrong with FotN: "Sumerland" and "Last Exit for the Lost" and "Psychonaut" and "Celebrate"!


  2. Allan,

    While I like Psychonaut, it just doesn't hold the same degree of fascination as the others you list. Much of Dawnrazor is too raw for my tastes, but The Nephilim is as close to the pinnacle of dark perfection as The Ninth Gate, IMO.

    Great hearing from a fellow Fallen-fan ;)

  3. My nick, bat, comes from my being a night creature. I have been accused of being a vampire for years. Really. I have had encounters with witchdoctors in odd parts of the planet because of it. While I don't buy it myself, I do have an interesting scratch I got from a werewolf...

    Music-wise I listen to a lot of bands that aren't very well known: Thrill Kill Kult, Electric Hellfire Club, Genitorturers, Sister Machine Gun, Ministry, and then into more subdued music. I listen to music as varied as Heart to as heavy as Sabbat. Sometimes jumbled in the playlist just to shake the mood up.

  4. I've heard of all those you initially listed, and have listened to all but EHC. Ministry's Mind...Waste is a quintessential domestic-paranoia/'faith-collapsing' albums that did its work on me in the early '90's up in Gainesville.

    My tastes are fairly eclectic, ranging from tribal to techno and most points in between.

    Thanks for commenting.