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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Personal Appeal-

Michael Moorcock's health has been on the decline for years now, and just recently it came to light that an infection in one of his feet has turned nasty, and may require full amputation.
He, Linda, and I have grown somewhat close over the two years I have corresponded with them, and had the honour and pleasure to met them at 2008 Nebula's for Mike's receiving of the Grandmaster Award. I have adopted them as my second family, and I truly do care about every bit of unpleasantness that has afflicted them recently, and am helpless to do anything about it.

If any of you out there are the prayerful sort, or even entertain 'Good Thoughts', I ask that you kindly take some time to petition on their behalf, or simply send out your 'positive energy' toward them.

I appreciate your involvement,


  1. Sending my best wishes and prayer to Michael and his family. He is a part of my childhood, and what made me me. I owe him nothing less.

  2. From Mike's site (

    "Saw the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday and heard from Linda's brother Richard, who is an ace radiologist (he's been right about all my readings as well as Linda's) and both agree the original MRI guy 'over-read' my MRI and that my foot can probably be saved by 'aggressive wound care' -- an IV into my heart pumping in some serious antibiotics which can be administered by Linda the way we used to administer fluids to our cat Nipper. Which also gives me, maybe, limited travel for a few days. So there's just a chance I can get over for a few days. Better than nothing, if true. It's a holiday here (Memorial Day) so chances are I won't see the Infectious Disease guy until some time next week and he'll be able to confirm or deny the possibility. I'm getting this off to you in a hurry and will write or talk individually as soon as possible. Means a lot to me, to be able to see you all if only for a little while and there's every chance if this works that we can come over again in the autumn without IV!"

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    --I am still asking for continued vigilance on their behalf. Extended thanks.

  3. I have slipped through the sections of for a few years and am hoping he recovers soon.

  4. Thanks for adding your voice, Bat. It is appreciated. :)

  5. I haven't corresponded with MM in several years, but I'll be sure this gets out to the Nomads list as well: hopefully the treatments will prove effective, and his foot will be saved!