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Thursday, May 14, 2009

[RPG] Proposed Example Characters-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis All Rights Reserved

My proposed Example Characters-

Sister Straelii
Female Western Isles Vrun Latent Mutant
Glass Blooded
Friend to Mythics
Knack: Orison ('Stabilise'); At-will
* Devoted Warrior 'Paladin' (2077)
(Md10|+1 AB|+3/CT/Non-Ethn|+2 Fo/3x/24 Detect|+2 Fo/1x/24 'Smite'|Elemental Aura [300])

Tyren Mhar of RunHaron
Male Yirinn Human
Earth Blooded
Friend to Birds
Knack: Native (Wilder) +1
* Rover 'Ranger' (2707)
(Md8|+1 AB|+2/CT Life, Ctrl|+2 Fo Ranged 30'|Forage +60 [8/]|Secret +15 [/]|Silence +33 [/]|Track +40 [10/])

Raev of the Grassy Stream
Male Marnharnnan Vrun Human
Positive Lightning Blooded
Friend to Cats
Knack: Profession (Hunter) +1
* Warden 'Druid' (2399)
(Md6|+1 AB|+1/CT Life|Forage Feast|Animal Power +33 [17/]|Calm/Befriend Animals +60 [8/]|Track +50 [10/])

Maryn Brynhert
Female Vrun Mutant
Water Blooded
Friend to Amphibians
Friend to Fish
* Healer (1465)
(Md4|Healing +33 [8/]|Assay +33 [12/]|Formulate +25 [14/]|Concoct +15 [17/])

I am still debating whether to make them available as quick-play characters, complete with scores and gear, or something less than that.
One idea I am favouring is naming the characters, but allowing the player to roll scores and fill in the sheet, roll their starting funds, and purchase their gear. --Lots of Sister Straelii and Tyren Mhar stories, with 'endless' variations.


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