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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[OT] Behind Enemy Lines (part III) + Structural Integrity-

The cat gave us a scare by somehow getting out last night and getting wounded in a glorious battle with either another cat, or a possum. He seems to be on the mend with anti-biotics and rehydration, but we'll be monitoring him more closely.

Book 4: British Commandos, and The Guns of Navarone arrived today, as did Albedo: Structural Integrity. All three look good, with lots of crunch to SI, and Commandos. TGoN looks like one of the better military adventures written.



  1. Best of wishes to your cats speedy recovery.

  2. When I read your post title, it made me think of when my cat would get behind the desk and turn off the power to my computer. I had to tape cardboard over the power-strip switch to stop him. Still, easier than nursing a cat back to health. Just one thing - don't expect the cat to learn anything from his experience. :D

  3. Yahzi,

    Yours sound particularly sneaky. :D

    Oh, I know. He is extremely territorial, and lightning fast, too. :)

    Thanks for commenting. :D

  4. I vaguely remember Guns of Navarone. At least I remember liking it. Wait... you're talking about a game supplement, not the novel, right?

  5. Yahzi,

    That is correct. However, the adventure is based upon the novel by the same name. :)