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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[RPG] Cover Art Final-

To your right you will see the art final for the game's cover.

Peter Mullen is the man.


  1. Wow! That'a great cover. Peter's work is top notch. :)

  2. Truly fantastic! (In more than one sense of the word, no less.)

  3. Outstanding! Looks like he used the full palette there. It's almost a shame you have to block out part of it for your title.

  4. @The Triple-S League!: Thanks, and yes! I'll continue to pass along the praise to Peter.

    @Dave: I've been wondering about that and ways around, such as placing it within a border with a header element to it. We'll see. :)

  5. That is a thing of absolute beauty. :)

  6. @Christopher: Yes indeed! Swank, too. :)

    @Lord Kilgore: Thanks!

  7. Quite awesome, it is an amazing piece of work, congratulations. It is like an old pulp magazine, awesome.

    By the by, check out my reply to your comment on my blog post today, if you would. :)

  8. bat,

    Peter is beginning work on the interior pieces, as well as a colour back-cover.
    Posted a reply to your reply to my reply. ;)