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Thursday, June 18, 2009

[RPG][Wargaming] Update-

Agh! :[
These last eight Leaders are kicking my imaginative-ass. They are about all that is keeping me from going-over the rest of the text and determining what stays and what gets chopped from the beta. Aberrations are almost certainly out of the main document, as I expected a (few?) weeks ago. I may put the tech-arms/armour into another document and later compile these for the live edition.

R'Tshen, the skirmish/tactical rules, at least, are coming along nicely.
Jeff Berry has asked me permission to play-test with his regular Tekumel group. Um..."w00t"! :D
I am finishing up the greatly expanded outline for their use.

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  1. Unless I missed it in an earlier post, any chance of a summary of these skirmish rules, perhaps what sort of troop level they work at, any comparable rules sets you're coming close to? I'm always interested in new skirmish/wargaming rules sets.