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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[General][RPG] Fiddly D&D Magic Idea-


Although I am on vacation through the weekend, I couldn't help but post this half-baked variation on Spell Use.

This is not for UWoM, just an idea:

Level- | Percent Chance to Retain Loaded Spell-

01-04: (2x Intelligence) as %
05-08: (3x Intelligence) "
09-12: (4x Intelligence) "
13-16: (5x Intelligence) "
17-20: (6x Intelligence) "

:: Above percentage is divided by the Spell Level to determine chance to re-cast the spell. Failure results in the standard Vancian 'use' of the powered spell matrix.



  1. oh, snap. Read the full post. Sorry for the jumped conclusion.

    I'd rather low-level casters have more of a chance, as this is when they are weakest. Higher level casters have more resources (items, etc.) and don't need the help.

  2. LoL.

    Okies, will consider this after my snog-fest with the SO.

    Thanks for commenting! :D

  3. Not entirely on topic but, I always liked the idea of multiple magic systems within the same millieu, reflecting different cultural systems. For example, one continent using a Vanceian D&D type of magic with spells being "used up" when cast, and on another continent a Runequest based system (more primal and shamenistic)...

  4. groakes,

    Following your tack, I will tell you that the Yaesh Sorcery is entirely different than Vrun Wizardry, and both are different than Yirinn Punk Magic, or Western Isles Wodic Invocation.

    Likewise, Western Isles Steam-tech, RCC Mechanix, and (latter) PAU Cybertech are all entirely different modes of Artifice.

    Fear not! ;)

  5. @Red,

    In any case, the above version allows for low-level mages to have more spell-endurance. That can't be bad, can it?

  6. I can see this being something to try out. I've been unsatisfied with straight Vancian as written since, oh, about 1984. But I've been hesitiant to do anything more than tweak things a bit here and there at times.

    I'll agree with Red and say that I'm not sure that the increase as level rises is necessary.

    Overall: A concept very much worth thinking about.