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Friday, August 7, 2009

crawls back into sarcophagus

After only six hours of sleep, I went with my business partner to the outdoor range for longarm shooting, only to find it occupied by IPSC folk. Traffic on 595 was lousy and I asked to be dropped off at home again rather than shoot pistols indoors. I'm soon down for a cat nap.

Today, I'll be equipped with my trusty polyhedral dice and a few choice maps, in the hopes of wowing folks with the game.

Have a good Friday/etc.
--Catch you later.


  1. The game is looking good. I like the setting very much and have adapted parts of it to my world.

  2. Ragnorakk: Thanks. :)

    Josh: Thanks. Oh? Pray, tell. :D

  3. I've got a game today too. 2 new players joining because they heard such good things from the other 3. So now I have to dazzle. :D

    Sadly it's 3.0 D&D. Trying to prep for these adventures is really making me miss previous editions. Used to be you could create an NPC with a name, a class, and a level. Toss in a signature magic item if appropriate.

    But in 3.0 you need feats and stats and careful review of the WBL guidelines and available magic items. It takes forever.

    They wanted to make "leveling" fun for the players. Which caused a) leveling NPCs to be a pain for the DM, and b) detracted from the focus of the game - playing is supposed to be the fun part, not leveling!

    How does NPC creation go in your system, TS?

  4. Yahzi,

    UWoM is designed to 'play-nice' with OD&D through B/X, OSRIC, LL, S&W, C&C, and my fave of the bunch, Basic Fantasy RPG, or even 3.x/Pathfinder.

    As a result, any rolled method, or existing NPC need only make whatever 'on-the-fly' adjustments for Ascending Armour Class.

    UWoM uses XP requirements based on the mean of the Core Four Classes, but nothing would stop a different XP total from being plugged-in.

    In B/X terms, UWoM uses something akin to the 'Variable Weapon Damage' guidelines found on B27, rather than 1d6-1|1d6|1d6+1, but even that were used, it wouldn't break anything.

    Combat uses DPs as HP an analogue, but really means it when it says that these aren't bloody wounds.
    --Critical damage, however, bypasses DP/HP entirely, and instead does damage directly to the 'Negatives'. Clearly, if the 'Negatives' isn't being used (likely the Criticals aren't either...) in one of the earlier game-sets, then I'd suggest going with x2 damage instead.

    Certain B/X Armour Rules (Plates, especially) are highly compatible with UWoM's Armour as Reduction, rather than AC, but that coulod easily be despensed with, or converted.

    Spell-Levels, Spells Known, Spells per Day, all of that would work as the focus system would, rather than as anything UWoM-specific.

    It's best to think of UWoM as an Overlay -or- its own game system. In any place where UWoM contradicts system-x, then use system-x's methodology instead (unless you want to go the other way).

    So, after that missive, if you bring in an Elf 3, they function just like an Elf 3.

    Now, if you want to build a character (PC, or NPC) using the Point-Design system, then all comparisons are off, as an Apples to AR-15's, ratio. ;)
    --I would say that the Point Design system is of the 3.x philosophy more than OD&D, but I have built he Core Four based directly upon Basic Fantasy RPG (B/X), to demonstrate how any 'D&D' version or like game (EPT, MA1, GW1/2/4, BH3E, etc.) would work.

    So, there you have it.

  5. Missing out on range time is not cool at all - sorry to hear about it. Burn a few mags for me when you get there next.