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Monday, November 16, 2009

[Blogs][Gaming] Stuff I've been playing...-

Except for my bat-fix over at Ancient Vaults, I have caught-up on my blog reading to a degree i can live with.
--Sorry about the relative silence. My mom and I agree that we now have about 1/3rd-less mental energy than we had prior to my father's death. I hope you folks don't mind, but I am devoting much of the remaining 2/3rds to UWoM.

I will say, though, that I have been playing the snot out of the WARCOSM ASSAULT playtest rules for Brett Bernstein of Precis Intermedia Games, and in reaction, tried one of my all-time faves, LASERBURN to compare the wounding mechanisms and durability of troopers.
--Prognosis: Sci-Fi minis games need to take a few lessons from low-level RPGs -- these generic troopers are ridiculously tough in comparison to fantasy pansies...
---So, I'll finally write-up my suggestions for WA, and write up the house-rule(s) we've cooked-up for LASERBURN, namely, that if one falls down due to a wound, one is out of the fight, period. This makes leg-wounds much more efficient, as they ought. No more, |Ow!, thud, > dust self off <, shoot, get shot, ow!|-stuff. Nope.

WARCOSM led to me breaking out my Star Fleet Battles Basic and Advanced boxed sets, the Prime Directive RPG, Marines, and Campaign Builder's Guide, then, to purchasing Klingon Armada.
--Golly, I'd forgotten how much fun Kzinti drone-carriers are! :D Mreow!


  1. I'm still resisting Klingon Armada, as much as I love starship combat. I actually keep meaning to sit down and stat out some fleets using Warcosm itself. I've gotten to the point where even the old FASA TCS is too time consuming for me. Anyway, hang in there and let us know how the Trekkin' goes too.

  2. HI TS. I am astounded that with all that you are doing you have any time for blogging. In fact the same is true for me. I was chuckling the other day when realizing that back in the day (cough! wheeze! hack! ala friend Gronan) that if the designers in Lake Geneva had spent so much time as many do now on blogging and forums, well, we would not have designed or played too many games.

    Awaiting your releases with baited (dragon) breath.--RJK

  3. RSJ: I'd like to fight a large-ish WARCOSM battle, too. Do you play with the vectored move 'add-on' rules?
    --Thanks, ' will do.

  4. RJK: I can see that, al;l too easily. ;)
    --Thank you! :D I'm eager to hold a bound copy, too. :D

    Best with all of your irons in the fire(s).