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Monday, November 30, 2009

[Gaming] Thanksgiving Sandbox with the Intoxicated Newbies-

On Thanksgiving night I ran a game of Basic Fantasy RPG that I gave, along with a copy of The Crusader mag., and a full set of polys with 4d6 to a guy who hadn't gamed in over 20 years.
--He and Delver's player were the first two PCs in the game and died twice in a row with six goblin archers firing from darkness at their two 2nd-Level characters with max. HP at first, rolled for 2nd.
---Said guy was a few sheets to the wind which made everyone's enjoyment a bit less, but then we re-started for the third time, now with the characters at 3rd-Level, and soon had two additional intoxicated players --both of whom took the game more seriously and were really thinking for their characters.

The host's character was a 'Sorcerer', so I allowed him access to both MU and Cleric spell lists, but in the III re-vamp, we forgot to give him a second 1st level spell, but he did well enough with MM and Pro/Evil, which is essentially a more EPT version, insomuch that any hostiles are the 'evil'.
--His wife's character, Aradia (pretty cool), was a 'Priestess', and I gave her the same dual-list casting capability, but she chose Pro/Evil and Cure Light. --Both had d8 HD.
---The other guy was just a fighter-type w. d10 HD, and 'Delver' was thiefy, with d6 HD.

Version III's flowchart consisted of:

||= Cave Mounth leading to:
||= Gremlins
||= Hostile Elf on a Chain
||= Chest with Gems
||= Witch, L3 (cut down before she could cast)
||= Chute to 2nd-Level room with water enough for 0 damage
||= Hatch
||= Jail Cells & Office
||= Other PCs
||= Secret Door in Office
||= Chest, Trapped and not opened
||= Stairs down to slightly flooded chamber with one obvious door
||= Door is opened, further flooding chamber
||= Secret door found which opens to stairwell-up covered in fine pale sand
||= Aradia finds a topaz-headed metal-hafted spear in the water before taking the stairwell
||= Stairwell-up leads to a vast room covered in desert sands and dunes at least 30' high, a silvery star-like light shining down upon the scene, two palm trees, and wall carvings similar to Egyptian Hieroglyphics, which Aradia decided she could read (so I let her).
She determined that the area was inhabited by jackal-headed creatures, guardians of a great treasure, and terrible monsters besides. With their 'cue', the PCs geared-up for combat and absconding, and were pleased when the Jackal-headed baddie brought a pedestal up from the ground, adorned, naturally, with a fist-sized pale-blue diamond.

As the host was slashing away and taking damage, Aradia dodged the creature's strike and grasped the diamond to find herself teleported back to the door of the local tavern in her home town, now holding a 100 gp pearl.
--The same occurred for the fighter-guy.
---The host's character, however, killed the guardian, and he was rewarded with a 700 gp. diamond. 'Delver's PC didn't survive.

New Tweak: I had everyone roll-off to see who would get struck with arrows, etc.
--It seemed to making things edgier and more competitive.

The folks were pleased as punch at the gift, once they realised it was for them, and I was asked back ASAP.


What are your thoughts?


  1. Sounds like a good game, sans the alcohol. Drunken players aren't very imaginative.

  2. Well, some people who don't play (or have never played) a fantasy game might do well to have a glass or two before trying it --- maybe to take the self conscious edge off. But it also depends on what kind of game you want and weather or not the drinker can handle the alcohol. Some people get pretty obnoxious after a drink or two, but my own experience is that with some folks, a glass of wine can cause the thin mask of civility they normally wear to fall off... whereas others might feel less inhibited and just allow themselves to cut loose and have fun.

    At one recent game I attended, one player had been burning the candle at both ends (workwise) and then ate 2 big meat pasties with gravy before playing --- like a thanksgiving turkey, it sent him into a food coma and he fell asleep at the table!

    I hope they (and you) had fun; sounded like you did! Maybe a future game (sans the alcohol or in moderation) will be more fun!

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  4. @Tony: Please don't post here again. Thanks.

    @Limpey: I think they had a good time, and it was kind of fun for me, too.
    --I'm no killjoy, but alcohol is one of my less favourite mood-alterers...

    @Atom Kid: I'd have to agree with you. :)
    --Thanks. :D

  5. Doh! And here I sit with a glass of wine while reading your wonderful blog...booze helps lubricate my brain waves. But to each his or her own!
    ; )

  6. Does sound like a fun game. Next time maybe you can gather them without having them get hammered. You may have brought another person into gaming and that's always a good thing.