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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Question: OSR Artists most liked for their critter art?-

** clarified **


I am wondering if there are fan faves among the current OS Renaissance artists (ATOM, Mullen, Zeiser, etc.) specifically as regards their depictions of critters and monsters?

Please leave your comments as votes, and if possible, please include references to specific examples in extant artwork.

Thank you very much. :D


  1. I liked Earl Otus and Dave Sutherland's art; the latter did a lot of Teumel stuff, which is what I remember the best.

  2. I would add Trampier, his work in the Monster manual, is all the stuff I like. He was extremely flexible when it came to style, but his work was always to a high standard.

  3. are you asking about currently producing or former artists?

  4. * Chirine and Runokobold: EO, Sutherland, and Trampier are all great artists.

    * Paladin: You are correct in thinking I was asking for contemporary artists in the so-called Renaissance. It is my fault for not being clearer.
    --Thank you.

  5. When it comes to monsters, I really like Mark Allen's stuff.