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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[Gaming] Qadardalikoi & Pre-TSR EPT !

My friend, Jeff Berry, (co-)author of the Qadardalikoi Tekumel wargame rules set, sent me a copy of those rules, and a printed scan of mimeographed, pre-TSR Empire.

Jeff also painted a paler version of my N'luss character; her 'sister' appears in his game.
--I hope to have scans and photos to post next day or three.

[Beyond beaming,] all I can say to folks who suggest that Old School was 'simple' or 'rules-light', clearly were kept in very small (and strange) circles.
--Details on true settings make the play more tangible, and the game-reality more concrete and 'alive.' Tekumel, Glorantha, and (the Silver-, or Bronze-age) Jorune, being those that leap readily to mind.

...more cowbell!


  1. I look forward to seeing those, thanks for sharing!

  2. Re the 'one-of-a-kind' mimeographed EPT rules booklet, Prof. Barker did about 15 copies for his original players. This copy is the one in the Aethervox collection archives, and we think we know where two other copies are at present. It's fascinating to compare this manuscript with Prof. Barker's works on Tekumel from the 1950s, and to see how little 'drift' there is from that work to this manuscript to the later Sourcebook.

    More cowbell indeed!

    (Feel free to post those pics of the sisters, too! :D )