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Thursday, December 24, 2009

[RPG] Weapons of the Ancients: 01.01-

Weapons of the Ancients-

* Additional ammunition types for the KMH (Carbine/Rifle, and Sidearm) weapons:

Skey' ('Anti-personnel')
* Type: KMH Ammunition
* Effect: Piercing 2d6x5 DP in a (Range * 0.2 sq. Feet) Area of Effect
* Range: roughly 750 Yards
* Frequency: N

:: This ammunition type is composed of a 'hive' containing roughly 20 individual flechettes, each of which produces the above listed damage. Everyone within the Area of Effect is susceptible to a strike, up to and including 30 potential targets, due to over-penetration of the flechettes: Attempt an Experience (Petrification) Critical Test for 1/2-damage.
:: Considering the above deals only with a single round fired, burst and full-auto fire earns the ammunition type its literal translation ('Subtle Artifice for Breath Termination').

Ehlx ('Electrified')
* Type: KMH Ammunition
* Effect: Blunt 1d6x5 DP + Electrical 3d6x5 Stun; Health CT for half-Stun
* Range: roughly 250 Yards
* Frequency: Q

:: Essentially a pre-charged micro-capacitor, this type of ammunition has less than half standard range due to its shape and mass, yet its powered state delivers a significant electrical jolt proven effective in less-than-lethal operations where the target is to be captured intact.

SokAqmlk ('Dosed')
* Type: KMH Ammunition
* Effect: 1d6x5 + Health CT v. Condition One
* Range: roughly 350 Yards
* Frequency: S

:: Depending upon the content, this sort of ammunition can be used to deliver a chemical/biological agent into its target's system, provided armour penetration.
:: The Referee is encouraged to concoct all manner of dose-loads, ranging from Tranquillisers to Toxins to BioWeapons. Antidotes or cures would be helpful, but by no means necessary.

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  1. If I might ask a quick question, have you constructed a language that you are using for naming purposes? Or are you creating the words as you need them?