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Thursday, January 14, 2010

(not) Hosting .pdfs, and how you can get a cookie!-

You see, doc, once this weird stuff was going on with my Firefox, I couldn't upload to Google Docs or even MediaFire. I have stuff to host, but don't know what's preventing me from doing so.
--Any suggestions?

"Yes. Write a blog entry asking your tech-savvier friends to assist you. Perhaps entice them with free stuff useable with their particular brand of roleplaying games. Either that or cookies. Everyone loves cookies."

Hmm... I guess you're right, doc.
--Cookies, hmm... How would I send them all cookies?


  1. I know nothing about the tech stuff. I just like cookies.

  2. Actually, cookies may be the problem. Clear the browser cookies and try again.

  3. Sadly, no, it didn't solve the problem.

  4. Try again. They may be having a problem. I tried to upload and at first could not select a file. When I tried again, I was able to select a file. I noticed that when I tried to select a file the first time, the file browser had "all files" in the file types field. There was no option to filter/display only a single type, like "PDF". When I tried later, the file types field had "Allowed types", and only displayed .txt, .pdf, and other allowed types. THIS is when it worked for me.

    When you click the upload button in Google Docs and then click "select files", what happens?

  5. Try checking these things:
    - Clear the cache on your browser
    - Reboot your computer
    - Check to see if Firefox needs updated
    - Check to see if JavaScript is enabled in your browser
    - Check to see if your OS needs updated
    - Check to see if JAVA is enabled in your browser
    - Try using an alternate browser

  6. Change to a MACINTOSH and forget the hassles forever. :)

    Pass the cookies... :)