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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[RPG] Working on the Players' Manual final(ly)-

After my father's death, a few key e-mails, and a general frustration trying to make UWoM fit a strange mould, I took time off to work on PBAM. During that quick two or three weeks, I realised that I had found the nucleus of the new version of UWoM.

That, coupled with having discovered through play a few less-efficient fiddly rules from the Alpha/Beta .pdfs, I set about the re-write and integration of both the MICRO-scale rules, better and clearer support for D&D-conventions/conversions, and fuller integration with the optional Point-design system.

I've made great effort to show how the Setting and even a few rules/guidelines can easily be included in various D&D-pattern games, --still operating the game in the familiar and desired way.

The current Character Control Record needs a few additional entries (Initiative, etc.), but with its formalisation came the humorously named, 'Long Form Tour' through the multifarious tables upon which one may roll to get the full immersive feel for the setting. Naturally, I would think it best to include the Point-Design System to the mix, but Race/Class characters may want this level of detail, but no greater. The play-group's preferences determines this matter.

I had asked recently for more input regarding 'Edges', and I will ask again what the consensus is regarding their inclusion.
--I am undecided.

I hope to reduce Combat down to 6 pages from 9, but I make no promises. :D

Blood Magick is coalescing, and with it Spontaneous Magic.

Debating a new sort of Aberration (mutation) system that eliminates the need for ever more tables upon which to roll.

Seeing Mid to Late summer 2010 release of the Players' Manual -- in time for autumn. :)


  1. "better and clearer support for D&D-conventions/conversions"

    I strongly support this!

  2. & I'm listening. :)

    Glad to do my part. :D

  3. Sounds interesting TS. Look forward to what this game I have been reading about is going to play like. So bring it on.

  4. Blood Magick is coalescing Ominous and cool.

    It also sounds like something that would feature Flea on bass.

    Keep plugging away. I'm anxious to see the final product.

  5. "Blood Magick is coalescing"


  6. Edges - have I got this right, are like powers (race-based?) you buy at character creation, rather than due to levelling up ? If using D&D with it, would the player just pick one or get one that corresponds with race or class?

  7. While I still haven't managed to read the two pdfs I dled from Lulu (I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to reading) I am happy to hear you are back to work. Creativity is good for the soul.