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Thursday, January 21, 2010

[RPG][Milieu] Half-Abbekqorru Edge: Humanesque-

Copyright (c) 2002, 2010 Kyrinn S. Eis

This is adapted from my web-published Guild Houses of Blood RPG (was published in a T&T e-zine, altered for T&T 5) set on Aqmlk, Urutsk's red neighbour.

I have been editing the text to be current with the UWoM rules, saving loads of time on things I need to include, such as several magic systems and spells, and a much larger Gear, Armour, and Arms selection.
:: Another addition I am debating, are Edges, which may take a much more intensive cost (instead of a character gaining a Magnitude/Level), but I am still undecided and could use
your input.
Half-Abbekqorru are alchemically created hybrids of the starfaring Bear-wolf-like humanoid creatures which the party has had a few dealings with,or news of, and humans.

Humanesque | 02/+01_ | This Edge allows the character to take on a surprisingly human-like appearance for (½ Cumulative Magnitude) Hours each 24 Hours. At Magnitude 10, the character may stay in Humanesque form indefinitely.
:: The time may be split between several transformations.
:: It takes one Turn to transform between forms, during which the character is largely helpless (all Attribute Scores temporarily reduced to 02).
:: Taking the second Rank of this ability allows the character to alter their Humanesque appearance between the various ethnicities the character has tasted the blood of, as well as being able to switch that form’s apparent sex.
:: Altering the Humanesque form requires five Rounds of Concentration.
:: The Difficulty of perceiving the character for hir true self is (08 + CNV PM + Magnitude [+ Infiltrate Ability Rank if possessed] @ Disguise Rank). This also serves as the form’s CNV score.
:: Humanesque forms always appear a bit wolfish and predatory, or wild and handsome to those more inclined to those qualities. Animals (as well as Qemrin) are not fooled by this ability, however.

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