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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

[Milieu][RPG] Still digi-painting...and so forth-

Having first hand-drawn the KB & Environs map and then scanned it, I am finding all sorts of artefacts that need to be tracked down and erased/painted over, as well as re-doing all the location names and data in type layers.
--It's a bit trickier than I had first thought, but by all accounts, it's looking nifty.

Working via the right lobe of my brain is helping to unlock ideas for inclusion in the text.

I'll detail things a bit for you folks:

This product will serve as a grounded entry point to the milieu, and to that end, I am including several stat formats for the bulk of you who dig on the d&ds, while still retaining UWoM statting. This itself is to illustrate the correlation between the two systems, and help acclimatise you folks to more intuitively judge at a glance what future UWoM stat formatting actually means --relative to the d&d-centric point of view. This should allow snappy use of my stuff with your preferred (d&d-esque) game.
--Gala apples to Fujis, so to speak.

Regardless of the timestamp, it is 2:24 AM, and I'm outta' here.

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