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Monday, February 8, 2010

[RPG][Milieu] Kelzsyn's Bluff Progress Update-

It took me a while to find an art programme on the web for the Mac specifications I needed, but I eventually found ArtRage Studio Pro 3, and quickly fell deeply in like with it.

The demo allowed me to fill in and alter areas of the Bluff & Environs 'map', but it is feature-limited so as to save only in its native format, or export with two very annoying adverts. Fortunately, I was able to print without such restrictions and then scanned the printout and brought it into my PC's Photoshop 7.x where my previous copy (and more importantly, the Text layers) resided, and they were mated.
--I now need to tweak a few things (I can use the mouse for this stuff) and then label the smaller communities in the area, as well as natural features.

I like ArtRage Studio Pro enough to want to purchase it, when the funds are determined to be available.
--Now, to figure out how to get my tablet to work (again) with my desktop unit.

When I feel it is presentable, I'll post a link to it.


  1. Cool. I have been waiting for this... :) "Urutsk Goes Graphic".

  2. lol ;)

    --Let's hope it is decent work. :)

  3. Great, that package sounds fascinating - I've only ever used Paint on my stuff - hehe

  4. @Sean: Paint as in the actual medium, as in you paint?

  5. no unfortunately, as in the MS program. The nearest I've come to fine art is collaborating on soundscapes for an installations. Here is one (track 15), aiming for harsh yet beautiful:

  6. Sean: MS Paint was where I 'cut-my-teeth' so to speak. It's Zoom feature where one can work each pixel is capable of amazing work.

    Your tune certainly conveys the full sensation of being in the sea.
    --I've added it to my music library. :)

    Good stuff. :D