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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daily Zen-

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If a fleeting thought conjures the whole,
How can I describe Reality in figures?
While empty moonlight on the water shows everything,
The mirror of No Mind reflects only Nothingness.

- Baekoon Kyunghan (1299-1375)


  1. Have you ever read Dr. Wayne W Dyers book Do the Tao Now?. Its an adaption of the anicent tao text to our modern day living. It is a good read. But you have to be ready to read it or take it seriously and willing to try adapt yourself to its ideals. In some ways its simplistic but difficult when some of it is bad social habits we have and our manner in which we exist. Takes time to adapt them into our daily routine. I tried implicating atleast two chapters in a month and practicing them and it can add to a better quality of living.

  2. Delve: No, I have not.
    --I will look into procuring a copy of the book.

    Thank you. :)

  3. "When you are completely clear, there is no subjective distortion; when you are completely pure, there is true perception. But even if you are thus through and through, this is still not the transcendental key. When the wind and waves have died out, the ocean of mind is as is; when you get to the bottom of the ocean of mind, for the first time you see the black pearl."

    - Tzu-te

  4. I was member of a zen center in New York for a time... I always liked the finger pointing to the moon analogy/koan.

  5. @Blair: A beautiful and wonderful piece.
    --Thank you. :)

    @zb: The delightfully silent and unutterable joy along The Way is something I found lacking in my other beliefs. The moon is an ensign of that beautifully plain wisdom.
    --Thanks for commenting. :)

  6. "finger pointing at the moon"

    Where is that from? I remember this from a Bruce Lee film--Enter the Dragon?--and I tell this story to my writing students. I also share with them what Bruce says about "emotional intensity."


  7. "Gnothe Seauton"
    As inscribed on the Temple of Delphi and translated as, "know thyself." Though it is wisdom from the ancient Greeks, I believe Tao is the way to inner knowledge, so they are related.

    ... but as Delve points out, society makes this difficult.

  8. Carter: