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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Gift of Unprecidented Measure-

Jason Braun was so kind as to gift me with the original of the Mutant Future cover in the last minutes I was at the convention, and this was my first real opportunity to show it to the rest of you:

What can I say, but, "My silence was my choking back my tears of joyful thanks, as I think was evident to everyone present."


  1. Jason is a great guy...did sorta the same thing for me at NTRPGCon I. I was curious if he had a sons of kyuss picture and he did...then he gave it to me! Awesome!

  2. Jason is just a quality guy. He gave my grandson one of the beholder's drawings he had that my grandson was admiring on his wall. We need more guys like this in the hobby!

  3. A supreme gesture and a sublime moment as I was escorting TS out of the convention and Jason ran up to press it in her hands. What a grand fellow human. Her tears that followed for his kindness almost made me cry. (sniff). :)

  4. Oh! That's great! I purchased the original Labyrinth Lord art from him at the NTRPG con and was eying that one too!

    That was very gracious of him, Jason is just a way cool guy. Enjoy it :)

  5. Wow, no shit. That is pretty cool! Right up there with my best con experiences, like when as a kid at SD Comic Con (held pretty much in the hotel basement back then) and sat next to Mel Blanc by the pool for almost an hour having him do voices and little songs for me. Nice to get a great memory at these things. Makes me want to go as an adult!

    Reading a lot about your sessions all over the place, so congrats on moving towards much success with your project, TS.