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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pre-Release Errata .pdf Link-

It has come to my attention that at least three pages (or so) were omitted by the Kinko's employees that assembled the Pre-Release Manual for the NTRPG Con.

It won't likely be very interesting otherwise, but it is available for download, HERE.


  1. It's really a shame, as you explained by phone, that these folks could be trusted to assemble some correctly, but not all. Time to get them to make good for their gross negligence with free copies

  2. Excellent. Should there be an Appendix X too or is that in the works?

  3. @Rob: I'll have to see if the Mgmt. is reasonable. This will have to wait until this new week.

    @Cimmerian: Thanks. :)

    'Appendix: X' is to be in the complete Vrun Players' Module.
    --The Pre-release was bound as an incomplete preview, special product.

    Producing maps, writing, and moving homes is taking up all of my time at present.