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Monday, August 2, 2010

Bite the Bulette UWoM Cross-post-


Urutsk: Peace with Teeth

(carrying on from here)

Under armed guard PCs get to the Airship tethered nearby after a running battle with humanoids on crested riding lizards. Climb up rope ladders as airship rises. More reawakened memories emerge. Teash shares his recollection that the humanoids are an inbred Vrun offshoot who long ago rejected the quest for ascension and embraced primitive life.

Airship captain questions PCs but is mesmerized by Naime who learns that the airship was sent by Maev-Xluaqh, all the crew were handpicked for their covert allegiance to her, and the airship seems to have been sabotaged. Another crewman enters (after a bad roll by Naime's player) and concentration is broken.

Disembarking, the PCs are quickly led to the Crone's wing of the palace rather than Fort Stalwart. On the way Mouwles spots the gaseous lifeforms from the swamp again. At the Palace, speaking from the shadows under the many birdcages suspended from the ceiling, Maev-Xluaqh slowly questions them and upon learning of their memory loss, tells them that she had sent them to some ruins after the field-archivist Teash's discovery of a map and technical blueprints. Yande does not believe her, just a gut feeling (a roll and a GM note!). The Crone insists that the PCs should return to the ruins.

Session ended. Only a short one having spent time playtesting stuff for this blog.


Timeshadows said...

It is great reading this stuff and wondering what Slade is up to. :D

I am glad that you folks are having a good time with the setting.

I plan on 'pimping' the Tremulous Antennae blog right after I cross-post this.
--Sorry about the lag: I am still home-moving. :(

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