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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Status of the RPG & More-

I owe you all some sort of explanation regarding the postponed release date of the UWoM rules.
--Here it is:

1). I Was struck ill for three weeks after the NTRPG Con
2). Rob Kuntz and I have struck up a limited partnership to bring URUTSK: World of Mystery to you in a meaningful presentation, rather than nickel-and-diming it via 'first-run'.pdfs
3). I have been moving over the entire month of August

What does all this mean regarding the RPG?:

1). The VRUN Player's Module: The entry book into the RPG from the perspective of the dominant Human ethnicity. It will contain the complete character generation process (from rolled Ability Scores through broad and open-ended Skills, to the Imperial Starship Castes, and Equipping), for Vrun characters (both Continental, and Marnharnnan). Basic Combat and Basic Task Resolution are, of course, part of the package.
--Also included: The VRUN Alphabetic Language System; Detailed (and mapped) Vrun Adventure Locations; a World Map; Vrun territory Maps; and, gorgeous art by Mullen and other artists.

2). The other major Human ethnicities (Yirinn, Yaesh, Durn, and Dokirinn) will each receive their own Modules which will add-on to the VRUN Player's Module, and do justice to each of the distinct and unique cultures, including Blood Magicks, Technologies, Traditions, and regional Maps.

3). The Referee's Manual: Composed not only of the ephemera of running the game (including Advanced Combat and Task Resolution), but articles by famous, infamous, and personally respected Referees/GMs, including Classic personalities (TBA).

4). After these, I plan on releasing smaller works, often compiling minor ethnicities (Lhoman, Khem, Kark, etc.), as well as releasing the major and minor Non-Human Species.

5). More detailed Regional Guides with adventure chronologies and notable NPCs, Items, and Spells.

That will close the Early Autumn Era, and open the Latter Autumn, which was the true genesis of the setting, back in 1985 or so. This will introduce modern warfare, superpowers, high-tech (including space) gear, colonisation of the other worlds in the Av Star System, and the initial Starfaring Drang nach oben.

More URUTSK goodness in the form of Sequential Art stories, and possible series are in negotiation with a wonderful artist best known for Classic Gaming works, although also a veteran Comics artist.
--More on that as the process develops.

For those of you promised Playtest versions of the rules (most notably in the land of Oz), you have not been forgotten, and are due to receive the pre-release VPM hours or days after its completion.

I thank the lot of you who have taken an interest in Urutsk, and hope to bring you the calibre of product worthy of the accolades I have already received.

To that end, I would like to take the time to acknowledge just a few of the foremost enthusiasts and encouragers these two years (and longer in a few cases):

* Brian Penn
* Greg Oakes
* Jeff Berry
* Sean Wills
* Robert J. Kuntz
* Reed W. Decker
* Stephen Laidlaw

Stay Tuned...


  1. I probably speak for a lot of other followers in the progress of Urutsk, but I'd rather you did it RIGHT than did it QUICKLY. Take your time and get out the best game possible....we aren't going anywhere!

  2. Mike: Thanks, man.
    --I really appreciate that. :)

    I've got this wacky idea for a very miniature-centric next NTRPGCon Urutsk session, as I have found my zoards of BLOCKMEN figures and vehicles.
    --It'd be a preview of the Latter Autumn era, just like I played late nights out on my friend's back porch, but, well, indoors and without a Cuban grandmother kvetching at us. :D

  3. I better order a new bookshelf! :)

  4. @Sean: Ha!
    --I'm doing my part. ;D

    @Allan: Thanks! :D
    --I'll PM you via Facebook sometime soonish.

  5. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Sorry for lack of communications. Hope I didnt come off as arrogant, but have just had alot of stuff on my mind. Keep up the good work :)

  6. Fine-tuning and aging a good game for publication is like maturing a new wine. It takes time but the end result is worth it. When finished it becomes a thing of pleasure, not just another "thing". The difference between loving and cherishing something and just liking and wanting it.

    After 26 years of preparation, Urutsk is a cherished creation by Kyrinn and now by others who appreciate that view; any other production choice would lower her standards not only as a designer, but as its creator. Best foot forward at all times, that's her motto, and one I energetically embrace.

    Waiting patiently for the fine wine... ;)

  7. Rob: I thought my motto was, 'One foot in my mouth, the other up someone's arse.' ;D
    --Thanks! Your rendition is far more flattering. :D

    Hoping to begin writing again, very soon.

  8. KSE: Heh. Watch which foot you do that trick with the next time around... ;)

    Sickness, moving and all the reordering. Went through it. It sucks, but then things start settling again. You'll find your spot again. :)

  9. @Havard: I'm glad to hear from you again.
    --No worries.

    In the meanwhile, I've changed my mind about that thing we discussed. I'll just write up the Domain of Yrmu as I always understood it.

    Looking forward to your coverage of Shaedraeth.


  10. Decades of work shouldn't go wasted. You're doing things right, sticking ot your principles, and that is very good to hear. Very good indeed. More power to you!

  11. I echo your sentiments, and look forward to more wonderfully weird Riskail stuff! :D
    --Thank you. :D