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Monday, September 20, 2010

-=Guild Houses of Blood (an old Tunnels and Trolls 5 URUTSK Resource)=-

This LINK is to an old T&T5 version of my 'Red Planet' in the Av star system in which Urutsk revolves.

Body Types, fewer Bloods, Natures, non-human Species and alternate Human populations of the sister-planet, more fiddly bits, customisation, classes. Spelling and name changes are prevalent.


  1. Cool. FYI I was explaining to a publisher friend last night about your early involvement with T&T. Have you detailed your contributions for it in whole somewhere?

  2. Thanks. :)

    Sadly, no.
    --My clandestine rules, and setting development for T&T (7th Ed), and my work for PCI's Arcanis setting have gone largely undocumented, except for friendly e-mails in the case of Ken, and not very nice e-mails regarding PCI. I recently threw one of those away. Perhaps I ought to have kept it?

  3. Doesn't matter. I really believe, just for the sake of completeness and for history, that you should publicly stake such claims that are rightfully and creatively yours and which are acknowledged as yours through their use in any publication. Uncredited writing and design is not uncommon at all; what is uncommon is for the actual author who stakes justifiable claims to be challenged by publishers who used such works to improve their own. Nine out of 10 times they readily admit to the usage to head off misunderstandings. Just my two copper pieces... :)

  4. I'll have to think again about pursuing a course of action when my current workload is complete.

    Thanks. :)

  5. Quite a lot of impressive work you have there! Listen to Rob, this is stuff well worth to be proud of. I am not sure what the PCI is all about, but I hope it's not about someone claiming that stuff for themselves.

    I really think you did something interesting with the way classes/types work.

  6. Andreas: Thank you.
    --I appreciate you telling me so.