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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Shapes of Things to Come: ADnD and UWoM Preview 0-

I've been looking at AD&D (1E MM, 1E PHB, 1E DMG, and 2E DMG) recently for my half of a collaboration with Rob Kuntz, and out of this cross-conversion work, I've begun to look at Urutskan Character Classes, AD&D-style.*
* = with a bit of my own style thrown in for good measure.

To wit: Marnharnnan Rangers: at the crossroads of the Druid-Ranger dichotomy, The Behekht NoShount are the 'select elite special forces, standing water infiltration long-striders.' They arose from the first Western Isles and Continental Vrun who arrived in their colonial arks and swept inward in wide ranks, shooting anything or anyone who did not abide their presence, or those beasts obviously malign and enemies of Humanity in their very nature.

Mechanically, they are meticulously assembled from kosher AD&D Character Classes, and come in above Druids / Rangers in the XP department, more than justifying the unique build's re-imagining of the class and its mission.
--In the process of writing this class, another was hatched in a Skype conversation with Rob, though I dare not reveal it save to tease you with its righteous coolness and historicity in canonical 'N' fiction.

So, the next time an Abbekqorru doesn't look like he wants to kill you right off, consider what secrets could be learnt by participating in one of their shamanic rituals.

For lo, Things stir in the depths of space...


  1. "Whooly" for you... :)

    Urutsk remains Urutsk; but all writers will write to keep their gears greased and their name known and while doing so keep all their opportunities open. Kyrinn's fiction is pretty good too. Some day, right K? How many magazines, fan pubs and book compilations did our main three of the pulps write for, that is HPL, REH and CAS? Literally thousands; and they still all had their masterpieces: HPL the Mythos, Howard had Conan (some say Kane, and I agree with the "some" due to Kane's depth) and Smith, ostensibly, his Zothique cycle that he purposefully wrote as a series for book publication (that happened posthumously through Ballantine under Lin Cater's editorship).

    Writers like these three wrote; and I am happy to write alongside you.


  2. Rob,

    Thanks. I certainly appreciate the affirmation.
    --We've a bright future ahead of us, methinks.

    Yes, someday, I'll get back to the fiction side of things.
    --Comicbook Artists and Animators wanted.