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Friday, January 7, 2011

Pre-Session Warm-Up-

Well, folks, 2011 is off and running, and promises to be very interesting in the proverbial Chinese manner: Bird kills, religious posts engendering i-net kerfluffles, Florida Atlantic University being the first university (at least in the State) to ban Smoking anywhere on campus (including one's automobile -- which in Florida is considered legally part of one's home wherever one may be in it), and Miami hosting the first (officially) US-deployed surveillance drone. Yay! I'm so happy, can't you tell?

Still, I'll get those lovely photos of Jeff Berry's truly awe-inspiring collection of minis, the costumes they have produced, as well as recounting the events and meetings with personages of import that transpired while C. and I were there in the land of snow and ice.

For those of you in a tiff over my posting TaNaKh on my blog, I urge you to move on. It's bound to happen again, as will my posts on mysticism, and even human nature. I can assure all, however, that my usually droll adventure recounts and other miscellany will dominate the content, and I think that if everyone is fair in their assaying, I usually am personal-content-free (apart from the posts while my father was dying). I cannot say the same for other vetted blogs out in the OSR, but then again, their controversies swirl around die-types and edition flames, or the applicability of percentile thieving skills. Meh, to each their own, I suppose.

So... I'm off to the grooming station before I open the apartment door to my weekly gaming crew (a mixed lot of Atheists, Buddhists, Catholics, and Jews :: Wait, that sounds like the beginning of a joke...) where we plan on resolving the Party's immediate concerns of escape from the course-locked Aelbaan starship and the possibility of returning home to

URUTSK: World of Mystery.



  1. An Atheistic Cleric, Buddhist Fighter, Catholic Wizard and a Jewish Ranger walk into a tavern....

  2. What?!? Somebody got upset that you spoke from your heart, on your blog, about your weekend in the frozen North Woods?

    It was one of those rare, magical weekends, and we're very happy that we could host your game here at the Workbench. If somebody needs to have it all explained to them, send 'em around to me and I'll fill them in.

    Meantimes, they can choke on this:

    Not the clatter of rolling dice, not the perusal of arcane lore, not the usual fanfaronade, but the way I look at you: a call to those who aren't afraid to dream.

    If some folks have a problem with that, then so be it. Send them by the Workbench, and I'll have a go at explaining excitement and adventure to them. Just like some guys named Phil and Dave did, back in 1975...

    - the coelacanth

  3. That song is oddly addictive.
    --I'm still tapping my toesez. :)

    No worries, Chirine.
    --It'll all get sorted in the final wash.

    (Werewolf-Mummy from the Black Lagoon)

  4. What? No agnostics in your group? I would totally offer my dice-rolling services, but I'm a permanent denizen of the Frozen North.

    Post what thou wilt
    Shall be the whole of the Law.

    -- Crowley, paraphrased.

  5. Greg, thank you very much.
    --I enjoyed a lot of the Crowley I've read. :)