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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Current Events-

Something I had forgotten to mention about last session was that the Khem PC had begun to mutate, developing two pair of pronounced canines, [infravisual capacity,] and an unnatural thirst for blood. It is speculated that this transformation was triggered by exposure to the Aelbaan 'mummy dust' present in Delver's Void-craft.

I have been working with artists to bring the Vrun Players' Module to completion, and this has consumed most of February, with less time than I had hoped devoted to writing. I believe that March and April will be even lighter on posts here.

I was able to play in my setting for the first time in years, yesterday, and the game is looking very promising. :)

It looks as though J. will be hosting this weekend, and it would be the first session that M. would play at that venue.
--The recap should be up on or around Monday.

Best to you all,


  1. Ah, there's nothing like a good stretch, i.e. playing on the "Other" side of the screen. ;)

    Love the recaps!

  2. Grendelwulf: Thank you. :D
    --I wonder if their length is prohibitive to reading (tl/dr).

    So far my Cyberneticist aboard a very large craft is part of the assist effort for a recent colony in some far-off star system in the Latter Autumn or Early Winter era.