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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gamelords, LTD: Thieves' Guild 2nd Edition (NiB)-

Like others of my era, I was treated to the Gamelords, LTD's adverts for Thieves' Guild in various gaming mags, among them of course, The Dragon.

My friend, Scott Charlton (of PCInc Arcanis fame) owned a copy, as did Mike B. years earlier, so I had some experience with it before purchasing a copy sometime in-between (I may have purchased it from Mike).

Having found this copy, New in Box for what I was willing to pay for it, I ordered -- and it arrived this morning.

The Thieving Book, and the CharGen Rules

The character sheet, and a nifty coupon.


  1. Very cool! Thanks for the glimpse at the contents. Great artwork and I dig the character sheet. This has been on my list for a while now.

  2. I've got several of the 1st ed TG books, as well as the Basic Character Creation booklet, but I've never seen a copy of the 2nd ed TG rules.

  3. @Greg: Most welcome. :) It is in the same league as the Midkemia Press material (high quality for the time, IMO), if that further recommends it.

    @Knightsky: I wish I could tell you if there were substantive content changes in the editions...

  4. reminds me of the old Steve Jackson's books.

  5. Which?
    --TFT (US Steve), or Sorcery! (UK Steve).

    Thanks! :D