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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weapon of the Ancients-

Weapons of the Ancients-

KVadrXtsaeukd ('Artifice - Specialist - High-power Particle Gun')
* Type: High-energy Fazed Particle Beam
* Effect: Lethal 3d6x15, *Fire/Heat 2d12x2 -- * or other Element/Effect
* Range: 0-100 Yards at Full Effect, 101-300 Yards at Half Effect
* Ammo.: 30 Full-power Discharges
* Weight: 2 Lbs.
* Frequency: Z on Urutsk, R aboard Ancient Spacecraft, etc.

:: By 1255 Human Space was armed with reliable high-energy personal and frontline battle weapons. Each nation or faction had its own particular version of these weapons, varying in details, mechanisms, and design aesthetics, but all roughly equivalent to that presented here.
:: The operation of this pistol produces a quantum flux of affine particles in various Elemental frequencies resulting in a semi-coherent ray fluctuating in the visible spectra and delivering its energy in rolling waves of irregular pulses. Since this is both a multi-elemental flux, as well as a pulsed effect, the ray is likely to affect most substances to some degree, and besides tuning and greater flux bandwidth, this class of weapon remained in use in increasingly slimmer forms for centuries.

1 comment:

  1. To answer a question on YDIS:

    K Vadr Xtsaeukd

    K' Vadr Kst Ay Ook 'D

    K' is a hard sound, clipped
    Vadr sounds a bit like Water, but with a 'V'
    Kst sounds like Kist (as in Sun Kist)

    Now, the X thing threw you although you possess a righteous mastery of the English language, and I don't blame you.
    --You see, the X in Vrun is always a 'KS' sound of 'Ix' ('many machines on Ix...'), and never the 'Z' of Xerxes

    So far we have:

    K' Vadr Kst

    The AE pairing in many/most Vrun and other Urutsken languages, is not the long 'E' of ae construction, but rather, the 'Hay' sound.

    K' Vadr Kst Ay

    The U is an OO (or more precisely, 'Ew') sound as in Ubermensch, or the ancient city Ur, or, go figure, Urutsk

    K' Vadr Kst Ay OOk + 'D

    The Caps denote a separate word. Words are divided into pairs. Even the humble apostrophe :': is paired with its partner, so that:

    K Vadr Xtsaeukd

    K is its own deal: Artifice

    (Va) 'for glory' and (dr) 'dedicated ranks'

    Xt (creating the Kst sound due to its pairing, although the X is a poly-symbol)

    Sae (again, the AE is a paired symbol which I use Underlining to denote when able) sounds like: 'Say' in English

    Uk sounds like 'Ook', as in 'mOOk' or 'Ookla, the Mok'

    Now, the last basic rule of reading Vrun and other Urutsken languages: the unpaired final character is Stressed.
    --That means that the 'D sound is separate, and /not/ part of 'Ook', as is 'mOok(e)d'

    Say it with me: K' Vadr Xst Ay Ook 'D

    "'kay, Water Kist |A| OOk, Duh!"

    But to answer the real intent of the question:

    "Put down 'Particle Gun'." is what I would say to my Player.

    I look forward to your awesome reply. :D