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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Updated Look-

At the suggestion of scottsz, I have incorporated the Logo with the Mullen Cover:


  1. Not bad. The logo is a good contrast to the artwork.

  2. The new logo is interesting.. but it doesn't mesh well with the Mullen picture. Where the Mullen looks handdrawn, the logo looks computer generated. You'd need to soften it up a bit, or at least the circle, I think.

    Does this mean you'll be releasing a book soon? And how is your Skype game coming? :)

  3. Wow, that is very nice! Pete sure does great work!

  4. Interesting... can a bit more 'shape' be added to the 'radioactive green' at the bottom of the title?

    Suggestion 1

    Suggestion 2

  5. Looks very good TS. You must be getting close.

  6. I really don't like that giant circle thing above the title.

  7. Hmm, something about it makes the logo seem to overpower the painting. Shrink it? Make it lighter colors or move it to a corner.

    Dunno I am not expert, but that's my gut reaction from looking at it. (I admit to always preferring a fuller effect from a great cover painting.)

  8. Hmm. I love the art and like the logo, but the logo seems too powerful on top of the art. Or it clashes or something and pulls the eye toward it.

    Maybe see if you like it with the logo semi-transparent? Just an idea.

    It's not bad at all. I just think that artwork should stand out a bit more.

  9. Thanks, guys. :)
    --I appreciate the feedback.