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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

World of Aediendi Druidic Item-

Hello. :)

Here is my first oldskool offering from my new oldskool setting: the World of Aediendi

* Living Lance:
+3 to hit, 2d6 Damage (3d6 on, or receiving a charge) to all non-TN targets while wielded by a Cleric of a god of the forest, all standard Druids, Fighters and Rangers. Anyone taking 7 or more HP from this attack must Save v. Death or die as living splinters course throughout the victim's arteries and veins.
The Lance will shatter only on a confirmed fumble (1 on initial d20 strike, and a failed attack with all standard modifiers on a second d20 roll). If the Lance should splinter, there is a 33% chance that the target of the attack will be struck by a 3d6 Lightning Bolt of 21st Caster Level for MR% purposes.
If a female character of the above listed Classes is mounted on a unicorn, the weapon becomes +6 to hit and does 6d6 damage to all /enemies/ in a 20' radius, Save v. Breath Weapons for half damage. The shatter chance drops to 2 in 2d20 failed rolls, but increases the Lightning Bolt to 6d6 damage and a 67% chance.

All the Aediendi stuff will make sense to oldskool players of the various brand-loyalties, although I make no specific compatibility claims. More importantly to you folks is that this announcement heralds the EisAge License: "You want to write about this stuff and not make a buck off of my work? Go ahead, have fun." License v. 1.0, abbreviated EAL v. 1.0.

Look for more oldskool goodness in addition to UWoM material. :)

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