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Monday, June 27, 2011

DnD Hit Points as Consciousness: Pt 2-

Use of the Consciousness Field-

With the basic framework of the concept and operation of the C-Field, we now move on to its practical application.

To use one's C-Field to better 'sense' their environment, the base chance to 'get a feeling' is:

* Current HP or less on d%

The focused and directed use of the PC's C-Field to 'read' their opponent and gain a +1 per Success to Damage in that single combat with all of that sort of foe. Attempting this takes one Round per 4 Levels/3 HD of opponent, of Defence Only Combat as per the rules.

* Roll HD, counting only individual die results which roll equal to the opponents' Level (or 1/2 a Monster's HD) as a Success. The 'reader' always receives at least a +1 bonus after the attempt.

C-Field Effects upon Hiding and Sneaking-

The idea of one's Power being too great to go unnoticed comes from Runequest. My implementation is for AD&D.

* 100% - (Current HP) = Maximum Hide in Shadows, and Move Silently percentage

This applies equally to Monsters being tracked by the PCs, as it does the reverse.

More if you feel this merits greater coverage.


  1. Yes please. :) the use of the c-field to sense the environment and it's effects on hiding are quite innovative. Got me turning wheels in my head as to applications in my upcoming game. It's almost midnight and I need sleep but my brain and system can't shut down after what is turning out to be day 2 of a particularly hectic work week. Reading posts like yours really goes a long way to normalizing my brain functions and bringing in some badly sought-after peace of mind.

  2. spielmeister: Excellent. Then I'll be posting more C-Field material as it is written.

    I hope tomorrow turns out to be much better. :D