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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Quick Roll-Low DAC To-Hit Formula-

Alternate D&D To-Hit Formula-

(Target AC + All Bonuses) or lower on 1d20

All Bonuses include:

+3 + Fighter Lvl
+2 + Thief "
+1 + Cleric "
+0 + M-U Lvl

and Strength or Dexterity Adj.

and Magic to-hit adjustment.


  1. This kind of thing works well. I did this years ago in an attempt to "unify" the mechanics in ADnD. "Roll Low" was the mantra. Roll low for saves, to hit, and attribute checks. the "1" as in "you're number 1" became the new "20!!"

  2. Jim: Neat. How did it work out?
    --Did you keep playing that way, or have you gone back to the standard mish-mash? :)

  3. I ran an entire campaign from 1986 through 1989 using that system. It worked great. The change actually allowed for the creation of a spell, "Combatulator" that allowed the recipient to roll d10 to hit rather than d20. These days, I'm using Delta's "Target 20" approach. I tried ascending AC, but then my current group balked and we went back to descending. We're playing LL (cuz some players don't have the original books) so we're making due.

  4. Jim: Thanks for the added details of your long-run game. The spell sounds potent.

    Delta has invested serious time in his D&D research.
    --Good stuff. :)

    Have fun gaming! :D