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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thursday 2nd, June NTRPG Con Scenario-

While I am waiting for the photos C. took at the table (and any that surface from the Players, etc.), I'll post the expanded description of the scenario. There is a TL;DR at the end of the post.

--As regards the 'blurb' scenario:

A Continental Vrun fort set up on the Riverland Peninsula of Marnharnna, Dawnmist, has, increasingly, been subject to skirmishes with indigenous persons, after an Aberrant or Dokirin (no one is certain which) witch doctor/holy man attempted to speak to the fort's commander, Major Lanvyk. For his efforts, one of the green troopers beaned the man in the head with a bottle, which seemed only to degrade the situation. From that time forth, roughly five weeks (one and one-half months), greater and greater numbers of natives have attempted to gain entry and have assailed the fort's personnel when shots presented themselves.

The reports of ghostly activities, too, seem to be increasing apace with the native hostilities, and a few minor personnel have met with untimely accidents, some rather bizarre (one was found dead near a well, the other victim is alive, but has lost her vision in one eye -- the eye now milky white).

The 'secret weapon' is a Hierophantic Church relic sent to the site after the palisades were erected but before the interior structures were completed. The priest in charge of the relic is an unyielding perfectionist with no sympathy for the difficulties of the workers or guards, and is increasingly more belligerent with fort personnel, especially Major Lanvyk. Rumours circulating in the fort are that the relic is responsible for the unexplained events, or at least of precipitating them. Only a few troopers are Hierophantic devotees, but this cadre now seem to answer to Divine Shulsyss. The relic is small enough to be carried by one man, but it has been kept out of view, and if Shulsyss' men know what it is, they haven't shared it with anyone else.

The PCs are 'fresh off the ship', having come over from Vrun to the Sunken Continent of Marnharnna for their own reasons [...]

The Fort (Kruinak Rallsahm/'Fort for Staging Exploration') is situated on the rocky shore of an isthmus between North Bay and Lake Suhorm ('Isthmus Road'), and serves as the nexus for exploration south, deeper into the Riverland Peninsula, or north, into the clay mountains of the mainland.

Kruinak Rallsahm consists of three three storey structures composed of two layers of timbers filled in with tamped earth and local stone, the still grassy common, and specialist workshops which abut the palisade (as per structures). The main gate is higher than the secondary gate, and opens to a plateau of limestone and bauxite gravel just below the summit of the hill atop which the fort is situated. This area is the main loading/unloading point for the wagons and carts, and is planned to operate as a trading post in the foreseeable future. The secondary gate opens below ground, and exists through a worked natural cleft in the rock some 14.5 Msnk/65' below the hill's summit and concealed by a thick patch of stinging nettles. It is here that one finds a shallow although broad pool which is spring fed, potable although the mineral water contributes a strange soapy flavour to the local brews and is unpalatable to all save the parched throated labourers working atop a higher peak some 40.25 Msnk/50 yd. distant. These men toil through hard rock to fashion a rook from which lookouts would espy the surroundings while enjoying greater security due to the material's strength and the sheer sides of the pinnacle. An adjoining tunnel is rumoured to be the next major work project.

Major Lanvyk is perfunctorily friendly towards the newcomers, knowing that the tight confines will quickly cause friction and the more so if the raids do not abate soon. He is an architect by trade (Superstructure Technician Secondary Caste) and is usually present in the common overseeing the placement of shacks and stores of provisions, or atop his tower communicating messages via Aldus-lamp to the rook's construction. If approached, Lanvyk is brief, but polite in his communication; clearly more of a thinker saddled with the responsibility of military duty than a hard-head. His broadsword is plain, and his carbine slung barrel down and out of the way -- it is plainly obvious that both are necessities of his station of which he'd rather be free. Brown hair, brown-hazel eyes, pink-tan 'northern' skin tone. 1.5 Msnk Height/6'8.5", 256 Nux/225# Weight, draughtsman's shoulders, brisk gait. Perhaps as old as his mid 20's. Only his age reassures the more experienced soldiers, but he is well liked if only in comparison to the resident Divine.

Shulsyss is rarely seen outside his tower, but when he does appear in the common, it is to demand an object or whatnot from one of the workshops. He never compensates them, nor thanks them, instead castigating them for personal flaws. Shulsyss is in peak physical condition for his 19 years, and is always seen in his reinforced leather armoured suit of red and black, trimmed in gold and embossed with Hierophantic Church motifs. He carries a long dagger. Some men report having seen Shulsyss lift a fellow a few Snk off the ground, from across the common. Most fear his authority and personal power.

Weather this summer's end has been mild and pleasant, with few showers after noon-watch, but the scouts warn of the possibility of food scarcity as the season turns colder. From the fort, the surrounding area is dominated by the large brackish lake (Suhorm), and North Bay, but on the marshlands surrounding the outcropping of rock, are mist shrouded emerald and teal forests and jungles. To the south the dense vegetation gives way after roughly one hundred XsM to the seemingly endless Riverglades of grasses, reeds, sedges, scrub, wooded low hills, and mid-chest deep water slowly trickling through to the Gulf and Storm Ocean. Port Straethys is a small, but burgeoning riverine port city further south, all but unreachable without a ship. To the east is a locale known only as Port, which is located just south of the Terhyk Shallows necessary to navigate to reach North Bay. The Shallows prevent deep-draught vessels from sailing into the Bay, and at Port, cargo and persons disembark for shallow-draught ships to complete the voyage. Kruinak Rallsahm would be the staging point for a port on North Bay near the Smiou Flood Plain of the isthmus.

:: TL;DR: (Fort + Internal Conflict + Weird Happenings + PCs to fix it)


  1. There are pictures of you both on the Dragonsfoot thread about the con; you is both famous!!! :)

    yours, Chirine

  2. This was a wonderful game! Urutsk is very inspirational to me. I only regret we didn't have more time to play...

  3. So here we have the gristle of what needs to be done. Now guess how long it took us just to formulate a plan and move on it? Nothing came easy at first but I had a blast being a part of it.

    It is a shame we did not have more time to tinker around or visit some of those other locale's. Kyrinn had a beautiful large map displayed and we journeyed through about 3% of it!

    Thanks for the dice BTW! Perhaps Cyclo and I will get an occasional game going now that we have a feel for the setting and the gaming tools.

  4. It was great having you, JohnGaunt, Cyclo, Ark, K., in our campaign-extension. The actions of the PCs are now canon and will affect the locale.

    I am super curious about what the PCs down in the Chaos Isles are going to do since that they have been asked to leave.
    --We ought to run by Skype or e-mail. Really.

    Please do run local games, and let me know how I am able to foster them.
    --I'm eager to for others to experience the setting and system.

    Thanks! :D

  5. Cyclo: Thank you very much! I must say that C. and really enjoyed the feel of your game as well, and we, too, wished we'd had longer to play.

    I hope you and Cimm give a local UWoM game a try.

    It was also great gaming with you in Jim's game of MetAlpha. :)

  6. Looking forward to hearing more about this :)

  7. Timeshadow - The Boy's favorite game in the con was clearly Urutsk, and you his favorite GM. I don't even know if I can compete anymore.

    Looks like I'm going to have to drive to the Orange State and just drop him off for the summer.

    - Ark

    PS - Ha. Made your eyes bug out of your head. ;)

  8. At least the Boy would likely be cured of ever putting a Lego in his mouth and talking again.

    Probably should set the record straight about Saturday too, Timeshadow, as I hear all kinds of crazy rumors around the Internets.

  9. Ark: I'm glad we could just introduce a replacement character when your PC died in that shaft-fall and subsequent landing-strip impalement. Now you know how easily your previous companions were killed in the tunnels beneath the bluff.
    --I guess 'Tshim the Miner' will go back to his wife's fishing village. That'll work out well with the later history.

    I'm glad The Boy enjoyed himself! :D
    --It was a real tear-jerking laugh when he unveiled his masterful 'free-pillow blinding-circle" manoeuvre. I did my best, to honour his intent.
    ---That he wanted to play Regnar again in my second game (now sporting the upgraded Blue Cloak and a year older and wiser) was a real honour. Please thank him.

    I'd be glad to get you up to speed on the system if you guys want to game more on your own.

    Best, and thanks again. It was great fun.

  10. @ckutalik: Rumours? The OSR? Rumours?

    1). The baron is enthralled by a demon mistress and gives three silver pennies in ten to her minions in the tunnels.

    2). Sewer Bourbon is a panacea when prayers to St. Cuthburt are intoned before and after each swig.

    3). Lizardfolk are marshalling an army after the Hogsnoblin leader Qurrot violated their treaty by crossing the Fenway without escorts.

    4). The mad wizard, Chlorophyll, has unleashed a new strain of mauve jelly upon the countryside, ranging from the Butcher's Hills to Gutter's Cove. These can only be slowed (as per the spell) by cold, and take only half-damage from all physical attacks. Fire and electricity have no effect.

  11. @Timeshadows - Yes, Tshim the Miner's appearance was very timely and fortunate, don't you think? :) Tshim will indeed go back to the village and think more about delving into the earth for easy rewards - but now he will probably invest in some turtleshell technology to prevent an untimely death. In fact, Regdar has expressed some interest in helping. And yes, any help in getting up to speed would be helpful. Thanks. :)