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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Urutsk Update

I've handed over the bulk of the Urutsk material to my friend and editor, Brian Penn, who has the difficult job of interpolating the rules sets and mounds of pages into something linear and coherent.  He has been pushing me to release the setting as a system-free supplement and I'm leaning in that direction, but I still want my rules-vision to be known through the RPG version, as well.

Now that it is in Brian's hands, it is more likely to be released in my lifetime.



  1. Glad to see some Urtsk news. Maybe one day we'll see a definitive author's cut :-) We'll make due with the truncated version till then.

    1. Blue,

      Thanks. I feel bad about having made those interested wait so long.

    2. No worries; part of the joy of having fans is having their forgiveness.

  2. Replies
    1. Tim, thanks.
      --Nice to have you as a long-time supporter of my snail's-pace activities. :D

  3. Replies
    1. Reynaldo,

      Thanks. We ought to play Urutsk sometime.

      I've been reading your new setting with great interest.
      --I'm hoping to join in, soon.

  4. Great news!
    Always you may release two versions of Urutsk - with and without rules :-)

    1. Omlet (A),

      I'll have to work with you on a Terminal Space/Urutsk space product. D

      Looking forward to your Bandits & Battlecruisers. :D

    2. Ohh, Urutsk-Terminal Space fusion product sounds TOTALLY GREAT!

  5. Replies
    1. Jason,

      Thanks. :D

      I'll have to see how I can incorporate Luchadores into Urutsk. ;)
      --Is Dusk your work, too?

  6. Cool beans! I look forward to this.

  7. So there's a possibility it will be released in both rules and rules-free versions? I might be more interested in the rules-baked-in version, because I can always houserule around them.

    1. Aaron, I think the setting book would be the separate work, but I'm so very fond of providing the rules PoV that I think best fits with the setting, and of course, hearing how others have tweaked that. :D

  8. TS--May I inquire into the specific reasons as to why "He has been pushing me to release the setting as a system-free supplement"? In my estimation the rules and world setting are pat and function very well together, like they were made for each other. It's my opinion after these few years of playing, chatting and reading about your invention. But. I sure would like to hear the reasoning, even if you are leaning in that direction. In either case, good luck with the coin toss.

  9. Rob,

    Enough folks have asked for a separate setting volume over the years that it seems reasonable.
    --Like you, I think my system-vision is entwined with the whys and wherefores of the setting, but I don't see it as a bad thing for folks to utilise their preferred system to adventure in my setting.

    That said, the Vanguard system and the more Old School system have gradually become more hybridised, and one or the other is bound to find more traction with different portions of the game-buying public -- so, it seems like a reasonable leap to include the possibility of the setting-alone in a product.

    I'm always open to your learned opinion on such matters, and on Urutsk in particular. :D

  10. Hey there, Hi there. Ho... Eh...
    My two kwatloos?? Pennies for my thoughts?

    The industry needs diversification. You need a game buying consumer. It's a coin toss between artistic compromise or rear door entry (not to be confused with Kinko's service) Bait and switch? Wean the unweanable (give me my pablum, nuthin' but the palather pablum for me, sir).
    In the end (not the rear near "that end") it's your baby, Baby... Dress it out as you see fit. Do include a bib for those who drool as they come aboard... ;)