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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some Important News

This isn't directly gaming related, but it may have an impact on my game-writing efforts.

I'm making preparations to travel to Israel towards the end of October, seeking employment, if possible, and fulfilling my long held desire to visit.

I don't think that the tactical-Roleplaying Game, Vanguard: Warfare on Urutsk is going to be ready for print before I leave, so I don't anticipate that there will be any disruptions on that front, and since we are living in the 21st century, I should be able to conduct all my business affairs with Heroic Journey Publishing and my artists through e-mails, etc.

What will be affected, given the 6-hour difference, is my Hangouts schedule.  :o

All of this is likely a surprise to the lot of you, but I've kept things quiet until the date neared.  I've still a lot of things to do before then, but everything is lining up nicely, so far.

So, that's it.
--Take care.  :)


  1. Bon Voyage! So a 9 hour shift would mean an 8pm game would shift to 1pm eastern right?

    1. TY. :D
      Let's see, carry the one, plus the hypotenuse...

  2. Saw this go by, today, and we are all ***very*** happy for you!!! Keep us posted, of course; we can always send CARE packages!!!

    yours, chirine

    1. Jeff & Chirine,

      Thanks. Please tell Thiolleb that I'll do my best to learn the best of the extra texts from the best teachers.

      Oh? Painted minis? I'd love to show off your talent to new friends there. Thanks again! :D

  3. Oh, that sounds like an adventure.

    I hope everything is fantastic!!