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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Urutsk Novel Underway

Travel having jarred loose something within me, I have begun the first wholly Urutsk novel, tentatively entitled, The Silver City.


  1. You put the left boot in and take the right boot out, you take all experience and shake it all around; that's what it's all about... :)

    You already have my well wishes to infinity, of course.

  2. In the Silver City there lurked a shadow in time. And unbeknownst to her as she flitted about, parrying simple pen strokes with magnificent ease through electronic magic not of this realm, the Schnitzel vendor approached. No ordinary meme was his. Avoiding the gathering palaver of the ill-considered palate, wroth as he was with low sales and an over abundance of Snitz-stock, he jumped through the open window to her room, begging forgiveness from the very gods who had been provoked by his errant action (none).

    Our shadow in time promptly unlocked her glock and blew him back to his stock, with barrel.


    1. You so crazy, Rob!
      I'm chilling here in N'u'rnberg, and have been eating Frikadellen, although there was an opportunity to eat a schnitzel at one point.

      I'll write more when I'm able.

  3. Fun fact: David Weber would write short stories in order to help get into a proper frame for game design. He became a novelist almost by accident.

    For myself, I have often wondered if the combination of blogging and game mastering were good training for doing fiction.

  4. Writing what you love to write is the best elixir for writing.

    That and having an appreciative fan base once it's all been cyphered into form.