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Monday, April 20, 2015

FALCONSCRY a microgame of the Yirinn versus the Imperial Vrun (and Yaesh Ogres)

After David Schirduan issued an RPG in 200 words challenge, I hopped in with Falconscry.

The link is to the right, or via this contest page.

I have two other microgames in this series planned covering the Imperial Vrun, and the Yaesh Ogres.


  1. Ooo-ooo: I loves me a good micro-game!
    : )

    1. Thanks, JB.
      I hope the modular approach works well.
      Any suggestions on a fourth topic?

    2. @ TS:

      Your background/premise kind of paints you into a named three factions and you've given us three factions. Any one of them could provide a small series of adventures with solid objectives and theme for a short campaign.

      I suppose the only thing left is to introduce a "wild card" into the mix, and rather than make it a fourth faction, I'd make it a motley crew (adventuring party) drawing from your three existing groups...perhaps with one additional (shared) trait section from which to draw that reflects their camaraderie and willingness to work together and overlook their differences.

      It would certainly be a challenge to come up with a motivation for such a group to come a setting where each faction has strong reason to fight the others, what could cause them to join forces? And, no...introducing some otherworldly demon/terror/alien invasion is too lazy an out. In my opinion, it really needs to be a motivation based on what's happening in the disputed region.

      Consider it a puzzle: what would make an ogre, nomad, and imperial soldier join forces despite all the protest of their conflicting cultures?

      (if you can solve that one, your next game can include members of the IDF, the Palestinian NSF, and American mercs)

      ; )

    3. I've got an idea.
      Thanks for the suggestion. :)

    4. You're welcome...looking forward to seeing it.
      : )