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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

IMAGINATIVE third microgame in the FALCONSCRY and BLADESLINGER series

IMAGINATIVE is the story of the Eastern Ogres struggle.

I can see both closing out the microgames, or equally, opening up even more of them.

Do you enjoy these modular microgames?  Want more?

With these three, rather a lot can be played out, and what has been left out of the rules opens more up to each group's interpretation, which I think is  a benefit rather than a liability.

My solution for a character sheet has been to fold into quarters a sheet of paper, and write a name for each character, their Abilities, and three pieces of equipment, including their respective weapon.

The fourth quarter panel is tempting me to fill it.


  1. I liked these, they spurred some interesting ideas for me while I was reading them. Definitely a lot crammed in there as far as inspiration, considering the word count. I vote for more please :)

    1. Thanks, Carl. I appreciate you letting me know.
      I'm glad they have some inspirational quality to the intros.

      I'm going to reply to JB's recommendation of a Wildcard motley group as the fourth writeup. Any suggestions in place of that (besides aliens or demons, etc.)? :D