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Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4 2015 Update

The Thursday group are talking about becoming land holders and the bigger game.  They are returning from the crashed ship with cryonic gear and a medical officer who they think is an android.  Slunk the formerly-Elf Warlock has mutated a bit, helped Merope to convert from Frostism (Lady Arctise) to Siltism (Lord Worm).

My Weekend crew keep going with a D&D 5e game and the Encounter Critical UWoM game I am writing.  The writing is going along nicely.  I'm working on vehicles right now.  It'll have OS conversion built in, and a much faster CharGen than EC does, even with more stuff added.

I'd like to go into more detail about ECUWoM, but I don't want to jinx or overshare: show, don't tell.

I have plans to release material for Goblinoid Games Starships & Spacemen 2e, and also use GORE for another version.


  1. Can give more info. on the Starships & Spacemen 2nd ed. material? That is a cool game...

    1. Chris,

      I have nothing to share yet. I'll announce when there is something.

  2. Kind of glad we got in on the 5E version.

    Have yet to read Starships & Spacemen, but GORE is essentially BRP with the serial numbers filed off. Not a terrible system, but certain aspects of BRP don't rub me perfectly the right way.

    I feel like Eclipse Phase was sort of BRP's spiritual successor as far as percentile systems go, and that EP made the mechanics of resolving inter-personal conflict a bit more streamlined (though character creation in Eclipse Phase is probably an order of magnitude more consuming than BRP).

    1. EP is too much for me.

      BRP / GORE is what the cool kids played after getting over AD&D. ;) I've played years of BRP. You'll hear no ill of it from me... except the roll = or under percentages are too low, and it should be add and roll high, and there are too many fumbles. But other than that... :D

      5e is a nice compromise between 2nd Ed AD&D and 3.x. Using Skills & Powers, however, is not likely to make it better. :D