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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Player Play Report

DIY & Dragons posted this from my G+ Hangouts campaign.

Those events happened months and months ago.  The group have gone through a few PCs since then.

We are starting a new campaign with two of my Sunday, face-to-face gamers, incorporating Ben Djarum's Yngarr into my Sci-Fi Sandbox temporarily named, 'The Super System'.


  1. I received this in my Inbox. I would prefer to correspond here.

    I look forward to the eventual release of your game. I read a bit about it on The Grand Tapestry, and saw that it will have a great deal of random tables. What sorts of things will one be able to create with them? Good luck finishing everything up.

    All the best!" --D. Boyd

    Character Generation has both a 'Deliberate', and a 'Procedural' process path. The Procedural path of chargen allows a player to roll everything about their character ranging from Species, to Class, the number of Levels in each class, as well as all manner of particulars, such as appearance, dress, habits, and so forth.

    1. "I actually should ask more specifically if one can create alien creatures/beings/space fiends, as well as planets, ships, etc... :)" --D. Boyd