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Friday, September 16, 2016

Updates and Signs of Life

I have 'three' Encounter Critical edition Urutsk: World of Mystery games during the week:

Thursday Night (G+ Hangouts): Folks are stuck in a large star system with at least three earthlike worlds in the Goldilocks zone, and an alien-inhabited asteroid belt.  After flying through a hurricane's eye-wall on an air/raft, the party returned to the very much Space: 1999 Eagle Lander craft they have, and almost immediately are fired upon by a ship almost 4x their size.  The weapon to size differential was pretty brutal, inflicting hits past armour on Aux. Power, Cargo (crew module), Interstitial (yay, free hits) and something else memory escapes me at present.  The Security Officer (and Crook) provided a sensor scan of the enemy craft, worth a bonus of +11 to strike, and the Martial Arts Warrior manning the mega laser scored high enough with Initiative bonus and the scanner bonus, to inflict a critical hit against the larger ship (Main Weapon, Aux. Power, Lifesupport).  The smaller and more manoeuvrable lander escaped and headed to the largest human city, Bay City, located upon and in a crescent shaped atoll.  Well treated, the cautious humans explain that they do not yet possess FTL capabilities, but possess old Imperial Jump Drive plans, needing to build them from materials out in the asteroid belt.  The party volunteered to fetch the goods and provide advanced engineering skill in exchange for a jump ship.  Friends were made.

Sunday (FLGS): Alternating weeks: 2). Gamma World informed, P-A crawling and so forth, waiting for a surviving Imperial Paladin to arrive in roughly 2 years in game time aboard a Jump ship from the other side of the former galaxy.  PCs include a Skyger air pirate, a humanoid bug girl, a super capable merchant, and a primitive explorer.  1). High level characters, timeline and space veterans, aboard a newly commissioned Guild Combine scout ship, vanguard leading the way for evaluation and contact ships in their wake.  Crew now at each others' throats, because two of the players are trouble makers who want to cause trouble for the game.  Among the crew are alpha shift and beta shift captains (both PCs), an Astrogator (an ostensibly occult-trained profession) staffed by a Dryvv - Yirinn woman who used to be someone else in a different timeline, and a Pswordlock (Jedi with the serial numbers filed off) capable of massive amounts of PK damage 2x per Round.


  1. Just got back to the USA a couple weeks ago and had my beta copies of Urutsk waiting for me (courtesy of LuLu and the US post office). While I skimmed them both the first night I got here, it's been a whirlwind of crazy since then and they both need a more thorough read on my part. However, I'm hoping to write a post about them in the near glad you have SOMEthing for sale.
    : )

  2. JB, thanks for your purchase and your continued interest.
    The thin volumes have been in print since 2009.

    The Encounter Critical edition of Urutsk: World of Mystery is 300+ pages so far, and coming along nicely. It will be released when it is finished.

    Thanks again. I very much look forward to your possible blog post.