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Saturday, April 25, 2009


With three of my four players present, we began where we left off, and it quickly became clear that there was no (winnable) fight without Tybalt (the PC of the missing player). Captured once the Control (Spells) Test was failed, the PCs were eventually purchased in trade by out-riders hired by the Kherstic League (PC patron organisation) to fetch them from the local manifestation of the TriUne goddess (while different from the Morrigan in particulars of the setting, similar enough for this purpose).

Once out of the witches' camp, the out-riders then suggested that they'd be better served negotiating a newer, higher price for the PCs. In a rare fit of using an NPC'd PC, I had Tybalt create a distraction using the comm-link, which spooked the 'cossacks' for two Rounds and allowed the party to escape. End of gimped session.

Whatever uneasy feelings I may have about tonight's session, I will chalk up to tired players and Referee and general oddness at the LGS.

I may be in the irregularly-scheduled C&C Freeport game tomorr-- Later today.

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