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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bulleted Updates-

* Busy writing the Aberration Tables and tweaking the percentages the way I like them. Largely brain-numbing work, but a labour of love.
I think I will keep those under wraps for the actual release, but perhaps a few teasers.

* The PCs are in for a big fight. I really wish I had the Ice and Snow tiles from Heroscape.
Three women riding sleds pulled by teams of giant stags on one side, a horde of 25 Berserks on the other side, and a bog behind them.

* I'm really conscious of trying to come in around 64 pages (which means more like 80 or 96), and leaving other ideas for a more detailed coverage in a subsequent work.

* Re-discovering my love of 2d12 tables, and new-found respect for the d24.

* etc.

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